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    The actual difference is a bit vague;
    Stripe takes custom amounts.
    Stripe Checkout is for fixed amounts.

    So the former one is great for billing people for services like invoices that have random amounts or in-person sales. Imagine creating an invoice, sending it by email and then putting a link to your Stripe payment app in the footer. The hope then is that there is less friction between them and the payment process so it should mean invoices get paid and on time.
    The second is for fixed items like a usual online shopping cart for an ecommerce site. You can add as many Stripe Checkout buttons to a page so you can have deep and detailed individual product pages or one page shops.
    The great thing about Stripe Checkout is it’s also ready to take not just one-time purchases but subscriptions too. So if you run a subscription, SaaS website or even bill your clients monthly for web services, consulting or another, you can create automatic recurring service payments. And combined with Pricing stack, you can make gorgeous looking pricing tables for recurring payments.

    Stripe Checkout, also takes and records email and / postal addresses so you know where to ship the product if you sell physical or digital stuff. It’s also possible to enable Stripe email receipts with Stripe Checkout as we are storing the email address.


    I dont quite get what one of these does that the other dont in situations like us CE users. it feasible to run both? I'm still a bit confused. I dont see the need to run both as the new checkout looks like a much better set up, but with that said am I going to mess up any existing client info that have straight stripe for a payment method?
    Is running both better?
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    The only difference from CE's standpoint is:

    - Stripe stores credit cards in CE
    - StripeCheckout stores credit cards at Stripe.

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