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Discussion in 'Plugins & Reports' started by alex-developer, Mar 8, 2015.

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    Aug 15, 2014
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    It's very bad idea to store the CC details on server or clientexec database, instead of it the Stripe support to capture the credit card details per customer and store the same details on Stripe server as it's more secure and Stripe will held all liabilities for it.

    The original clientexec Stripe plugin need to redevelop to process all the orders using details from Stripe server and hold all details on.
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    Aug 27, 2011
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    Thank you very much for your interest.
    We already have on our plans to redevelop the Stripe plugin that way.
    Currently, the only plugin working that way is Quantum Vault.
    I can not give you an estimation date for this development as we are currently working on other features, but soon or later we will have that plugin working that way.

    Thanks you very much.

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