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  1. srsakib

    I need dynadot domain register module

    Hello, Kindly check this thread. I hope, this will help you to understand what's going on with this module.
  2. srsakib

    !Important!: Domain Reseller API and module

    The full package of the Domain Management system! If the developer team of registrars will work with the Clientexec team then it'll be easier to develop and maintain in future.
  3. srsakib

    !Important!: Domain Reseller API and module

    Do you want to add these functionalities in the future upgrade of Clientexec?
  4. srsakib

    Marketplace for ClientExec

    Hello, Thanks for replying to me. I understand the busy time you are spending. I appreciate your hard work. It made me happy to know that it'll be launched! Besides, not only I but also all the users of ClientExec are now excited to get version 7!
  5. srsakib

    Marketplace for ClientExec

    Hello, We all know that there's a huge change is coming in this year of ClientExec. The UI will be more modern looking and more new features will be added which is a good sign for both ClientExec and web hosting providers around the world. We can expect that the userbase of ClientExec will rise...
  6. srsakib

    Client Groups - Domain Pricing Slab Group

    It can be a good feature.
  7. srsakib

    better place for change password in client portal

    Now, everything is on one page. There should be some sub-sections that may help the client to manage his/her profile in an organized way. Example: Profile, Personal Information, Security Settings, General Settings. Every sub-section will load on different page/activity.
  8. srsakib

    How do I sync. my old client in ClientExec?

    Thank you so much. It's working.
  9. srsakib

    How do I sync. my old client in ClientExec?

    Hi, Recently set up my reseller account module to ClientExec to sell domain directly from ClientExec panel. There's no issue with new users/clients. But, the issue is for my old clients. How do I sync. their account to ClientExec? NB. My reseller company is using the same control panel that is...
  10. srsakib

    Product Activation Issue with GoGetSSL Module

    Hi, Thanks for launching GoGetSSL support with the latest version. I downloaded the version and installed it under my developer license. Then I enabled the GoGetSSL module and create products. To test it, I order a product. But, while I'm trying to enable the product/purchase the SSL, it shows...
  11. srsakib

    How to preview invoice.phtml?

    Thank you so much.
  12. srsakib

    How to preview invoice.phtml?

    Does the development license need extra cost?
  13. srsakib

    How to preview invoice.phtml?

    How do I check interface changes while developing(something like testing before deploying project)? If I want to add another new template from where can I get it? or How about the variable in the invoice? Is there any proper documentation of it?
  14. srsakib

    How to preview invoice.phtml?

    Hi, I want to customize the invoice template with my own design. As the extension of the invoice file is PHTML so I don't know to preview the interface. Please help me to find out the way of preview the file. So, I can see the design changes while developing the design. Thanks
  15. srsakib

    Adding Child Nameservers Option

    Hi, I'm using namesilo reseller which module in ClientExec is integrated by you. But, I don't find any option for adding child nameservers for those domains which I sold using this panel. It's a necessary feature for managing the domain. Please consider this feature and try to add this feature...
  16. srsakib

    Feeling confused about upgrading package and it's period

    Thank you. I got the billing cycle option. Waiting for the update.
  17. srsakib

    Feeling confused about upgrading package and it's period

    Hi, I'm a little bit confused about managing the package or products. Suppose, I have 2 GB of hosting package and also 5 GB. One of my clients will buy 2 GB first, then want to upgrade his package to 5GB. How do I upgrade the package from Clientexec without interfering WHMCS or changing Invoice...
  18. srsakib

    Adding WHO Protection Function

    Hi, Most of the domain registrars allow WHO Protection functionality with their API. Many of our clients want to use WHO Protection for their domain as nowadays, registrars offer free WHO Protection. In the domain functionality section, I don't find any option which can be used for enabling and...
  19. srsakib

    Is there any features like two factor authentication in Clientexec?

    Thank you so much. I have created one for it. Please check: