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  1. CE-Matt

    How to create a snapin

    All variables are run through an HTML escaper. You can either do the HTML in the phtml file (which is recommended) or if you have to have HTML in a variable, call $this->unescape($this->output);
  2. CE-Matt

    Coupon Code in URL

    This is something we are aware of, and are planning to fix either during the new client area (for 6.4) or after.
  3. CE-Matt

    Planned API for get details about Products

    An updated API is something that is on our list, but it may not happen until after our 7.0 release.
  4. CE-Matt

    Domain availability checking not working on order page

    That wouldn't be causing any issue with domain look ups. We would need access to see what is going on, so please open a support ticket.
  5. CE-Matt

    Domain availability checking not working on order page

    Can you enable logging at level 4 ( and see what it shows? You can also open a support ticket with us and provide CE Admin and FTP access and we can enable logging and debug this for you.
  6. CE-Matt

    Strip Payments

    Hi, The "Stripe Checkout" plugin in CE is what you should be using, and that will store the CC data at Stripe, with a token being stored in CE. We're planning to update just the "Stripe" plugin to use Elements in a future release.
  7. CE-Matt

    eNom renewal logs are blank

    Hi, Are you using the Domain Updater, with Expiration Notices? This tab is meant to allow you to have eNom turn off their own email renewal emails and have CE handle the renewal emails. Any email that gets sent out with the expiration notice should then be logged here, to cover the ICANN...
  8. CE-Matt

    Generate Next Invoice is not visible for some staff

    Looks like there's an issue with the admin UI displaying this permission. I will get this addressed and likely released in a 6.3.1 release in the next week or two.
  9. CE-Matt

    Generate Next Invoice is not visible for some staff

    Hi, Generate Next Invoice requires the "Renew Package" permission. Can you please confirm that your staff has this permission enabled?
  10. CE-Matt

    which package are using "Override AutoSuspend"

    The following query should give you a list of user package IDs that have it enabled. SELECT objectid FROM object_customField WHERE customFieldId = (SELECT id FROM customField WHERE name='Override AutoSuspend') AND value = 1;
  11. CE-Matt

    How do I sync. my old client in ClientExec?

    Hi, Once you've set up the TLDs at Settings -> Products -> Products, please follow our guide at to import any domains. You'll then want to make sure the Domain Updater service is running...
  12. CE-Matt

    Adding simple PHP script for clients

    Hi, You could do this with a snapin, however, we do not have the docs for this right now (this is something we are working on). You can take a look in plugins/snapin/ and take a look at how they work. Feel free to ask any questions about that, or hop into slack and we can help.
  13. CE-Matt

    Clientexec 6.3.0 Released!

    We are pleased to announce the stable release of Clientexec 6.3, which can be downloaded here. More information on this release can be found on our blog post.
  14. CE-Matt

    Under Consideration Plugin request for registrar

    Once they have their sandbox environment complete, we will consider adding support for Dynadot.
  15. CE-Matt

    Payment procesor depending on currency

    This should be addressed with our multi-currency support in the 7.0 release.
  16. CE-Matt

    Receive an email notifying a ticket

    Make sure you have the notification option set at Settings -> Support -> Departments You would need to edit plugins/services/order/PlugnOrder.php and change the variable $canActivatePackage to just be true, around line 140. We don't have support for multi-currency right now. This is coming in...
  17. CE-Matt

    Receive an email notifying a ticket

    Hi, We would need your question in English to be able to assist you further.
  18. CE-Matt

    Product Activation Issue with GoGetSSL Module

    Have you selected the proper Cert from the Advanced Tab of the Edit Product View? If you have, you'll need to open a support ticket so we can take a closer look.
  19. CE-Matt

    Completed Vultr Module

    This is now available in our beta release of 6.3.0 B1.
  20. CE-Matt

    Completed Plugin request SSL provider

    This is now available in our beta release of 6.3.0 B1