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    Add hCaptcha as a Security Option

    Please consider replacing or adding the option for hCaptcha which reduces Google's collection of web traffic for those that don't want them to have it, plus hCaptcha is more refined. Cloudflare switched to hCaptcha for better performance.
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    SaSS Product Type

    Hosting is evolving, it's going into many different kinds of services, many that are billed by the number of "user seats." For the longest time, we've manually entered these charges using the recurring billing tab, but now it's not efficient and it doesn't work for clients to sign-up on the...
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    Prorate charges for early cancelation

    Sometimes we have multi-year contracts where if the client cancels early, they have to pay a reduced rate of the remainder of months left in the contract. This would have to be set up at the package level pricing and recurring charge screens. ( ) Yes ( ) No Charge Early Termination Fee? [...
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    using external registration form

    1) As long as it's on the same sever under the same user permissions. 2) Not sure.
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    Client Group Color Picker Missing - v6.4.1

    The Group Color is broken, there is no color picker or spot to enter a hex code. Attached is what I see.
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    Customer Group Dropdown on Client Sign-Up page

    For economies of scale, manually placing clients into groups is impossible. It would make sense to offer a dropdown during the client registration of what kind of client they are. Corporate, Medical, Education, Religious, etc.