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  1. hadi

    Removing cycle of domain registeration in packages

    Hello If we register a domain for 10 years and we remove 10 years from cycles; Currently an error occurs for clients who has domain in this cycle. I think better to consider this bug and make visible and invisible ticket for years in domain registeration cycle. Thanks
  2. hadi

    Planned show product status in searches in Admin Portal

    Hello This part ignored ; Please Consider this . Thanks
  3. hadi

    hard and weak password status in client area

    Hello Please add hard and weak password status for client area passwords when client change passwords; Currently clients guess , change password not working when they use weak passwords; Thanks
  4. hadi

    trim spaces from start and end of user/passwords/domains

    Hello Please consider trim spaces from start and end of user/passwords/domains/EPP in hosting fileds in admin area. I saw many issue caused failed login because of this issue; Thanks
  5. hadi

    divider field for user custom fields

    Hello If possible please add a field name "divider" for custom fields. It's useful for devide this user custom fields from other mandatory fields. Thanks
  6. hadi

    Snapin in Admin Interface

    Hello Is it possible to add new tab under client in ADMIN Interface with SnapIn ? Would you please tell which snapin is like this request ? Thanks
  7. hadi

    Edit transaction table

    Hi, Please make possible to edit transaction table in Clientexec. Currently when something wrong happens in this table we can't edit content and values; Thanks
  8. hadi

    Domain Search

    Hello I am not sure this code working with new Client Area Thanks
  9. hadi

    Return to Login in forgot password

    Hello I recommend consider this link in Forgot "Password Page" in New ClientArea . Return to Login Thanks
  10. hadi

    Invisible note for clients in Invoices

    @matt, Is it possible to consider this in future versions not important when but consider if possible. Maybe possible to add custom fields for invoice page like something you have for profiles or packages
  11. hadi

    User Custom Fields properties

    I found you currently have this option for user custom fields. but in recent release there is some issue for sign up. I reported issue completely to Juan.
  12. hadi

    User Custom Fields properties

    Hi, Some User Custom fields like company register No and etc should be readonly after signup. Please add this feature to User Custom Fields . These fields are avaialble for editing only through signup and after that clients couldn't change something; Thanks
  13. hadi

    Domain list in client area

    Hello Yes it was a permission issue exatctly where you mentioned. Thanks
  14. hadi

    Domain list in client area

  15. hadi

    Domain list in client area

    Amazing . top menu now show "Domains" in client area for some clients after login; is there any setting for it ? Thanks
  16. hadi

    Domain list in client area

    Hello In new version of 6.4 domain list available only if "View List" selected from main page; I think clients will ask where is our domains; I think it's better to add "Domains" under Packages or new menu item. Thanks
  17. hadi

    6.4.0 Beta 3 Now Available!

    Thanks Matt
  18. hadi

    Completed Upgrade Package in Action Button

    Dear Juan, I thought maybe this is something that could be considered as an option in this part; I never thought your senario is wrong for upgrade but clients asking us a lot and we found they had other experience in other companies. We can continue upgrarding manually when they opened a support...
  19. hadi

    AutoTerminate create a ticket instead of Terminate account

    Hello Would you please tell me how can I modify AutoTerminate to create a support ticket instead of Terminating an account ? Thanks