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    CSF IP Unblock by User in CE

    I agree with goda. it would be optimal if a user could click and have two options, unblock my ip or enter another ip. I happen to host on the same server as my clients, so how useful the first option is without the second? If a client could login via their phone's data service and still input...
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    Customize Colors

    CE won't let me post the link, search for a stack overflow answer how-to-calculate-required-hue-rotate-to-generate-specific-colour <-- basically you want to start with the value of CE's blue image and then what you want to calculate the answer. As I said, depending on the image and the white...
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    Customize Colors

    Hopefully this comment will come in handy. I have pretty much changed all of the colors, menu, images, etc. I have a pretty customized layout or i would just provide the css for the whole page (it would mess some up because my container is different and smaller). It would be a pain anyway...