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  1. Waqass

    CSF IP Unblock by User in CE

    The ip of users get blocked by ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) due to wrong passwords attempt etc. There is plugin in WHCMS for unblocking it by the user himself. Is there any method in CE to accomplish this. Or what the other hosters are managing this .....for now we are managing it by...
  2. Waqass

    Coupon Code in URL

    Can we use coupon code in the url of the product link?
  3. Waqass

    Generate Recurring Invoice Manually

    Previously I was able to create invoices shown under recurring tab but clicking on generate next invoice. Now I don't see that option. Is there any way to do it now?
  4. Waqass

    Planned Affiliate System

    The blesta is already working with their affiliate system which they will bring under their version. I think this is the least concern of CE for now but are there any future plans for it?
  5. Waqass

    Voiding Invoice after Auto Termination of Package

    The package auto termination process runs file but leaves the invoice unpaid hanging under automation summary on main page. Is there any way to automate the voiding of invoice for the package just terminated by system.