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  1. CE-Matt

    [Completed for 6.1.0] Support Virtualizor Plugin

    Virtualizor support has been added for 6.1.0 and is available to beta test from
  2. CE-Matt

    [Completed for 6.1.0] Email History - Admin

    Email History in the Admin section of a client's profile has been added for our next major release.
  3. CE-Matt

    Third Party Pluginn Support

    I have sent them an email, and will keep you updated when I have more information.
  4. CE-Matt

    How to Add Logo in Invoices

    Hi, You can upload your company invoice to images/invoicelogo.jpg or images/invoicelogo.png and it'll be included in the PDF invoices. Something seems off with the date if it's showing Jan 1970. Can you open a support ticket at...
  5. CE-Matt

    Third Party Pluginn Support

    Hey, Have a look at plugins/ssl/enomssl/PluginEnomssl.php. This should be open source and give you the starting point for a plugin. Mainly, the doPurchase function is what is called when CE activates (purchases) an SSL certificate. You will also need to implement a doParseCSR function, which...
  6. CE-Matt

    Remove Intercom Chat

    1) Please open a support ticket and let us know the domain and we can remove it from our end. 2) You'll need to edit templates/default/index.phtml for the public side, and templates/admin/index.phtml for the admin side. Is there any reason you'd prefer to have them locally hosted instead of...
  7. CE-Matt

    [Completed for 6.1.0] Email History - Admin

    If you are using the default template, it should be there under "Welcome Client Name" -> Email History. If it's not there, make sure the client group has access to View Email History (Settings -> Users _> Customer Groups). If it's still not there, please open a support ticket so we can...
  8. CE-Matt

    Style Customization

    Hi, The best way is how Hadi mentioned. Create a new template directory and copy over any file you need to modify. Any file you don't copy over will get loaded from the default template, so this makes upgrades easier (you only need to worry about files you've modified). If it would make...
  9. CE-Matt

    Mailchimp integration

    Can you be more specific on how this should work?
  10. CE-Matt

    [Completed for 6.1.0] Email History - Admin

    This is something that we will be adding in an upcoming release. You can still see this by using the "View as Client" feature from the admin, however, I do want to make it more user-friendly for staff, to not have to jump through hoops to see.
  11. CE-Matt

    How we doing on the new version

    Version 5.10.0 has just been released. More information can be found at
  12. CE-Matt

    Version 5.10.0 Released!

    We are pleased to announce that version 5.10.0 is now publically available. More information can be found at
  13. CE-Matt

    login to control panels from admin area

    cPanel login in admin portal was added in the final release for 5.10.0. I'll add an internal request to make sure SolusVM is also supported for this.
  14. CE-Matt

    Product Feed on website

    Since every company would want to style this differently, I think the best idea would be to make sure the API supports a way to get package details I'll add this as an internal feature request for a future version.
  15. CE-Matt

    Better Speed for Clientexec

    It could be multiple things that are slowing down your CE. The best idea would be to open a ticket so we can investigate why it's slow. Please reference this forum post when you open the ticket and we will update the forum post with anything helpful once we know why it's slow.
  16. CE-Matt

    Order New Service Menu item when clients didn't signup

    I would rather leave this as a tutorial to follow if people want to add that to their CE. Some people only use CE and no actual website, so it wouldn't make sense for that use case, and would then require additional work to remove that.
  17. CE-Matt

    Exclude packages from autosuspend

    I believe this request is for a product level status. I.e. more expensive "VIP" packages would never suspended, instead of being at the package level.
  18. CE-Matt

    Order New Service Menu item when clients didn't signup

    This will be added in a future release. You can also just add it manually now to templates/default/views/layoutpartials/topmenu.phtml.
  19. CE-Matt

    SMS notification with Event Handler

    What do you check in the database? i.e. which event(s) are you wanting to have access to?
  20. CE-Matt

    Forums Re-Opened

    Nope, we'll be offering both.