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  1. sbr059

    Social Login

    Hello Passwordless login is now a trend, but I failed to find any solutions for integrating social login with Clienexec! I think people are bored remembering and maintaining passwords! Can we expect it in future update? Thanks
  2. sbr059

    WordPress header and footer

    Hello Is there any way to include WordPress header and footer in ClientExec client area? I think after clicking on order from main site if they saw different looks they could feel confuse. Thanks
  3. sbr059

    Planned DigitalOcean Integration

    I wanted it too.
  4. sbr059

    Fraudlabs SMS Verification

    Hello Fraudlabs fraud protection system has a very useful option called 'SMS Verification', I think enabling this option could prevent more fraud orders. Unfortunately I didn't see this option in Clientexec Fraudlabs fraud protection plugin. Can we ask Clientexec team to add this feature in...