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  1. CE-Matt

    Login Page Extra Security

    Hi there, Captcha on the login page has been introduced in 6.5.0. This should be hitting stable later this coming week. We have an open request to implement 2FA as well, however I do not currently have an ETA for this.
  2. CE-Matt

    Registrars Plugin

    Hi, Can you try the PlanetDomain Registrar in Clientexec? I believe this is the same as TTP Wholesale.
  3. CE-Matt

    CE Support ticket area - trouble with incoming Email attachments missing

    It affects both as far as I know. Can I get you to open a support ticket about this, and ask it to be assigned to me?
  4. CE-Matt

    CE Support ticket area - trouble with incoming Email attachments missing

    This is a known bug that I haven't got a fix for yet. Thank you for bringing this to our attention as well. Hopefully we can get this fixed for our 6.5.0 final release.
  5. CE-Matt

    CE Support ticket area - trouble with incoming Email attachments missing

    If you're unable to figure this out, feel free to open a support ticket and we can take a look.
  6. CE-Matt

    Instamojo payment gateway plugin

    Hi there, We do care, however, we do not reply to every request made. We use this forum to gauge interest and to plan features for our future releases.
  7. CE-Matt


    Hi, All of our open tickets have been responded to. If you didn't receive a reply, please double-check your spam/junk folder.
  8. CE-Matt

    Custom Snapin for 3rd Party Cloud Service Integration

    Hi, You'll want to have "Hide Hosting Custom FIelds" enabled in the Product, this will remove the Domain Name field. Then you want to create Custom Fields, and attach them to the Product Group, and use them, like we do in SolusVM...
  9. CE-Matt

    Custom Snapin for 3rd Party Cloud Service Integration

    Hi there, You'll need to develop a server plugin first (, which would handle the creation, suspension, unsuspension, and deletion of the UserPackage. Then the snapin will be able to handle...
  10. CE-Matt

    Clientexec 6.5 Beta 1 Out Now!

    We are pleased to announce the first beta release of version 6.5! As a beta version, we do not recommend running 6.5 in a production environment. If you have a Clientexec license, you are automatically eligible to participate in the beta. More information can be found on our blog post.
  11. CE-Matt

    Partially paid bill and renewal

    Is the invoice being marked as paid or does that remain in an unpaid state? The next due date will always bump up regardless of if the service has been partially paid, not seen any payments, or has been paid in full. In other words, this represents the due date for the next invoice to come...
  12. CE-Matt

    Remove domains option

    Disable any domain permissions from the client groups (Settings -> Users -> Client Groups), and domain stuff won't show in the client area.
  13. CE-Matt

    QR-Code on Invoices

    Your best bet would be to open a support ticket with us and give us more information on the requirements, etc, and we can help you get this added. You'd need to edit modules/billing/models/PDFInvoice.php to add any PHP code to generate the QR Code, and then reference that in the invoice...
  14. CE-Matt

    edit server for hosting accounts

    This is something we plan to change in a future release, however, I do not have an exact release or ETA for this change.
  15. CE-Matt

    Login users and login page

    I've added an internal task to address this in a future release. Thanks for reporting it!
  16. CE-Matt

    Partially paid bill and renewal

    Can you please let me know what you mean by "but the service appears to be renewed before the invoice is fully paid"?
  17. CE-Matt

    I cannot get 4.0.9 to install

    Hi, Why are you trying to install such an old version? You should always be using the latest version. As for these forums, they are not the official way to receive support from Clientexec Staff. Please open a support ticket at...
  18. CE-Matt

    Listing is not working for the Article Feature

    You can add the following to a <style> tag to resolve this until our 6.5 version has been released: #article-content ol li { list-style: decimal; } #article-content ul li { list-style: initial; }
  19. CE-Matt

    Email Delivery Issue

    Please open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at your system.
  20. CE-Matt

    Razorpay Payment Gateway not working

    As far as I can tell from the ticket, the Razorpay ticket should be resolved, however spamming the same ticket with multiple issues and asking for updates is only going to make things take longer.