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  1. hadi

    Authentication System for Changing Email Address from Profile

    Hello In many customized system and also other billing system currently there is an option to prevent users from editing these fields. I strongly recommend enable this feature in clientexec asap. Thank you
  2. hadi

    php code inside email template to call php functions

    Hello Please make it possible to have PHP code in Email Template ; It will help us to convert date to another localization . we need to show other date format in email templates . Thanks
  3. hadi

    add path ( breadcrumb ) in client portal for each page

    Hello I suggest add path like this at the top of each page Client Portal/Support/Submit Ticket Client Portal/Billing/.... .... Thanks
  4. hadi

    snapin for login with one time password send to mobile No

    Hello I wanted to develop a snapin to let client direct login to client portal with mobile number with one time password send to them by sms. Would you please give me information how can I authenticate users login and how can login to client portal without resetting client password ? Thanks
  5. hadi

    cc and bcc or CC Recipients for clientportal

    Hello Please add cc and bcc or CC Recipients for tickets in client portal. when a design or it opens a ticket behalf of a client needs to be updated once login or opened a ticket for him/her. Thanks
  6. hadi

    Which Domain registrar you recommend?

    Other registrar are working in same way ; You should add fund and use that fund for register or renew your domains; I personally use Joker;
  7. hadi

    WYSIWYG on Product > Asset List HTML [SOLVED]

    I think you should follow pattern they have noticed above this box;
  8. hadi

    PackageUpdate Call back

    Hello From this listener, We are trying to fetch old and new status of package ; if (is_array($e)) { $event = $e; } else { $event = $e->getParams(); } $event = $event->fields...
  9. hadi

    Addon Price phrase

    Hello Please consider this phrase. It's additional price. Thank you
  10. hadi

    Please add option fields for Name,Family, ...

    Example 1) We send invoices details to Tax Organization and after we come back to our list we encounter with another details. Example 2) Profile should edited under control of us because we verify a profile with proof of documents and after that we see other names.
  11. hadi

    Please add option fields for Name,Family, ...

    Hello In some country or conditions we should prevent users from editing below fields Name, Family, Address, Email , etc. Please add options are available for other user custom fields for above fields. Admin could select if above fields are editable or not; Thank you
  12. hadi

    Automatic Credit Use(Enable/Disable)

    Hi, We encountered with clients who asked us to use available credit on another invoices. for example credit balance used for payment for a domain renewal which client doesn't need it. Please consider an option "Automatic Credit Use" for billing system. " Thanks
  13. hadi

    transactions in client area

    Please make this part visible for clients under Billing Menu named Transactions
  14. hadi

    transaction details as separate fields in Invoices

    Hello Would you please consider this in next releases; We need separate fields for transaction details as below. Currently below fields are publish with only one field named $this->pmtSuccessfulTransactions. Thanks Gateway Name, Paid Date, Transaction ID, Description , ...
  15. hadi

    Openprovider Domain registrar

    Hello I had same issue with Joker; Please ask them to develop a plugin for clientexec ; They could develop this plugin fast from clientexec GitHub resources (; Matt will provide them Developer License if they need; Thanks
  16. hadi

    add Custom Package Aliases to Package Filters

    Hi, Please add Custom Package Aliases to Package Filters. Thanks
  17. hadi

    Regional Setting for show date

    Hello In PHP and JavaScript there is a feature to convert date to Regional Dates; I strongly suggest to add this feature to Regional Setting to show date in Regional Settings; In this way only selecting Country will show date in that format; with this feature you can fully support all...
  18. hadi

    Being able to remove domain from hosting package

    Could you test Hide Hosting fields in products details ?
  19. hadi

    Planned Skip Button on Additional Bundled Products Page

    I think until Skip button considers in bundled package; better to consider "Remove from cart" in Step 3. Currently bundled packages couldn't remove ; Thanks