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    Login button in row

    Wrap the login button in a row so that it's not right up against the recaptcha. I can add .g-recaptcha { margin-bottom: 24px; } to my css but on pages like the submit support ticket, the submit button is in a row so i end up with double the space which isn't terrible, but...
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    Hide paginate if 1 page

    Wondering if you could implement so that the paginate row wouldn't show if just one page. I'd like the results like "Showing 1 to 6 of 6 entries" to stay, but hide "Previous1Next". And seeing...
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    External Domain Search has Stopped Working

    If you view errors on developer tools is it giving you an error? If it says $ is not defined, then like I said, your redesigned site may not be including jquery. If that's not the issue, those are really just _GET variables not _POST, so really just pasting the url into an address bar should...
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    External Domain Search has Stopped Working

    Hmmm...I put your code on an external page under a different domain and pointed it to my CE install and it worked fine. I'm running the latest install. Can you put the search box back where you want it and provide a url, maybe the community can help you without bothering CE support.
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    External Domain Search has Stopped Working

    I would also change value='' to placeholder='' so your visitor does not have to erase the current value.
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    External Domain Search has Stopped Working

    Your code does work. Make sure you have an ending </script> tag at the end and that you're including jquery before to define $ You might also check that your product group really is 2 and that you're not just following the example. Mine is 8, so i would search for a domain within your clientexec...
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    CSF IP Unblock by User in CE

    I agree with goda. it would be optimal if a user could click and have two options, unblock my ip or enter another ip. I happen to host on the same server as my clients, so how useful the first option is without the second? If a client could login via their phone's data service and still input...
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    Customize Colors

    CE won't let me post the link, search for a stack overflow answer how-to-calculate-required-hue-rotate-to-generate-specific-colour <-- basically you want to start with the value of CE's blue image and then what you want to calculate the answer. As I said, depending on the image and the white...
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    Customize Colors

    Hopefully this comment will come in handy. I have pretty much changed all of the colors, menu, images, etc. I have a pretty customized layout or i would just provide the css for the whole page (it would mess some up because my container is different and smaller). It would be a pain anyway...