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    Forums Re-Opened

    Looks good here.
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    How we doing on the new version

    Looking forward in upgrading :)
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    Default dns for domain registration under client portal

    Not sure what you are using but Hosting Controller automatically handles that at the time of signup.
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    Add "Back to Website" link in Client Portal Menu

    Good stuff I think this should be added to the next release anyway. Just an ease of use thing.
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    I have to say clientexec works great on Windows too.

    I have a complete installation on Windows 2012 platform it is has proven to be OS Agnostic so far :) Great stuff. Just a different approach to CRON job execution is the only thing so far which is to be expected..
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    Are the add-ons upgraded separate

    Does any addon upgrade come with the clientexec product upgrade or do some happen separately?
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    cPanel Price Increases

    Sure, I have used Hosting Controller since the early 2000's. It handles provisioning of hosting and other services via a console "similar to cPanel but I find it easier to use". It has many modules you can add to it. I currently use the shared hosting module but you can add just about anything...
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    Forums Re-Opened

    Ya it has worked out great !!
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    cPanel Price Increases

    Na I use Hosting Controller :)