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  1. hadi

    description field for Ticket Types

    Hello Please consider a description under ticket types to describe for clients and guest about the different type of departments; It should be additional field in admin panel when we define"TicketTypes" Many clients and guest doesn't understand from dropdown which department is suitable for...
  2. hadi

    which package are using "Override AutoSuspend"

    Hi Please add a custom column which shows us which packages are using "Override AutoSuspend" Thanks
  3. hadi

    Public view ticket for guest without login

    Hello Please make it possible to guest view their ticket in the website without login; It could be very useful for the relationship with guest clients who doesn't intend login for view and reply tickets. Thanks
  4. hadi

    Additional class for words in client portal

    Hello Please add additional class for words like "active" , "cancelled","unpaid" ,"paid" , " closed", "open" , "waiting for client" and etc So your current clients could customize their client portal interface with custom css and provide more beautiful panel to clients; For example below...
  5. hadi

    Upgrade package automatically in client portal

    Hello Please add the upgrade button for client portal in the same product group. It also could calculate upgrade price and after that upgrade it automatically. Thanks
  6. hadi

    Add "Back to Website" link in Client Portal Menu

    Hello I saw some client portal has an item in their menu for example profile menu to "Back to website" We can have this if possible. Thanks
  7. hadi

    using external registration form

    Hello I want using this link to create a external registration form I have 2 question 1) Can I use this if website and ClientExec or on different domains or subdomains ? ( because...
  8. hadi

    Filter by Server Name in Admin Portal

    Hello Please add filter by server name in admin portal under Hosting Package List Admins could monitor and check servers account easily; Thanks
  9. hadi

    Event list

    Hello Event list is one of important part in every system. Please kindly add more fields and usability for this part in admin portal. We should better see/filter users/message/event in this report table. Currently, this part is not very useful for admins because it doesn't contain useful...
  10. hadi

    Invoice AutoVoid

    Hello Please add a service to auto-void invoices belongs to cancel services ; It should consider an invoice with multiple entries and remove invoices belongs to cancelled package after a specific time ( for example one week ). Currently, when a client cancelled a package we should pay attention...
  11. hadi

    email history in ticket reply

    Hello This is something I saw solved in some support system; I think clientexec should quoted previous message something like zend support. Thank you
  12. hadi

    Packages and custom AutoSuspend field

    Hello Consider we want to suspend VPS 7 days after overdue payment and Shared Hosting 15 days after overdue invoices. for some Packages ( VIP Packages ) we suspend services 60 days after overdue invoices because VIP packages they pay by check and offline payment and we need more time. I think...
  13. hadi

    cPanel Price Increases

    Thank you for your information.
  14. hadi

    Replacing Brand

    I think you should buy unbranded version ;
  15. hadi

    Add credit under client and admin portal

    Hello Please add "Add credit" to admin portal and client portal; Under clients - It could creates a new invoice and let clients to pay this to make available in their credit Under Admin - we can add credit to their Credit field under client/billing; It's usefull for autorenewal services and for...
  16. hadi

    filter/search Domain Package List

    Hello, Please add domain search filter in Domain Package List Currently we should review multiple pages for find a domain while review DomainList ; Thanks
  17. hadi

    Add CC/BCC custom fields for Admin Invoices Tab

    Hello Please add CC/BCC for admin Area Invoice part; We have some clients ask us to send this invoice(Only this) to another email address because needs they informed or take action on this; Thanks
  18. hadi

    [Completed for 6.1.0] Email History - Admin

    Email history and Change Password are good and useful feature in recent version. I am waiting for Add Fund and Add Sub-Client; Thank you
  19. hadi

    html place holder for fields in ClientPortal

    Please add html place holder for fields in ClientPortal if possible ; We can use this to show clients they should enter their full details in English ; Currently foreign clients uses their language for register themselves so automatic order processor failed ; For example when a client...
  20. hadi

    Style Customization

    Something we do here ; 1) we have copied client portal template to new one for ourself 2) we customized this and copy this to any new version we install 3) If any change happened to template Matt update us on changelog and we make change on our template; Thank you