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  1. srsakib

    Clientexec Linode Automation Module Released

    Great job. But, why don't you have one-time payment facility?
  2. srsakib

    Webuzo Support

    Currently. It doesn't have that support as the panel is not enlisted in the available module list. (ref. You can make a request for it at The dev team will work on it if it'll get votes...
  3. srsakib

    Without multi currency and prevent some invoices to pay.

    Recently, I'm facing the currency issue a lot. Multi-currency with a conversion system can solve it,
  4. srsakib

    Feature request for the Affiliate system

    Hello, Thank you so much for releasing the affiliate system with Clientexec 6.6. The billing system is improving day by day because of your hard work. As a Clientexec user, I appreciate it. I believe one day, it will be the favourite billing system in the Web Hosting industry. The team is much...
  5. srsakib

    Need to optimize order Form

    Hello, It's a serious issue, we are facing for our new clients. The new users cannot understand how to order a hosting package with a domain name because it's related to collecting orders. At present, the customer needs to order the hosting package first and then the new domain name. But, if...
  6. srsakib


    It's a very important feature that should be available in Clientexec. Many clients ask how they give cPanel permission to their developer. We suggested sharing the credential only. But, it's not a good way to deal as leaking credentials may have risks. The tech world is going to be passwordless...
  7. srsakib

    No Changes in the report for using a different currency

    Hello, Before we used BDT. as currency to maintain billing for our clients. Due to the unstable dollar rate compared to BDT. we decided to convert the product's price to USD. We set the rate in USD for a few products. We already billed a few invoices. The issue is with the reports generated by...
  8. srsakib

    Hexonet integration

    Hi, The domain price is very reasonable in Hexonet. There is another new request for it. ( The devs. should add its module.
  9. srsakib

    Coupon Creation for newly created account

    Hello, Is it possible to create coupon only for the newly created account? It won't work for the old accounts or old clients. I don't find the option to set. But it's necessary to promote business to get new clients. Thank you.
  10. srsakib

    Need to optimize the order form

    It would be better if the button text is "Login here" only. It'll be more meaningful. "Existing Customer?" Should be text only. "Existing Customer? Login here" seems as highlighter, not a button to click. Thank you.
  11. srsakib

    About Cyberpanel Integration

    I tried to test the function. It's not working correctly.
  12. srsakib

    About Cyberpanel Integration

    Hello, Clientexec recently released the Cyberpanel module for it. Is there any documentation or instruction to setup it in Clientexec & how does it work with Clientexec? Thank you.
  13. srsakib

    Need to optimize the order form

    Hello, I found an issue in the order form. The order form is little bit confusing for those customers who are already registered. After the fina process, before the payment, there is an information form showing if the customer is not already logged in. Before that, there is button "Already...
  14. srsakib

    RELEASE: V1 - Synergy Wholesale Hosting.

    Thank you so much.
  15. srsakib

    Could not open input file: /home/<username>/public_html/ce/cron.php

    Hello, There are a ton of emails are generated in the mailbox. It says "Could not open input file: /home/<username>/public_html/ce/cron.php" It's generated every min. How to resolve the issue? Thank you. NB. The script is installed in a subdomain. NB. Solved by editing the Cron Job.
  16. srsakib

    Download Clientexec Payment Module of UddoktaPay

    Please add more details to the thread.
  17. srsakib

    Email Delivery Issue

    Turn off the bulk mail delivery feature. It will be solved.
  18. srsakib

    How to forget the Clientexec Admin password?

    Hello, I want to forget the developer licensed portal's admin password. How to do that? I followed this article But, nothing matches. Please help me. I found PASSWORD on "customField" table...
  19. srsakib

    Email verification system

    I found the Clientexec right now works in another way. Scenario 01: When someone tries to create an account, the system sends a confirmation link to the new client's email address. An auto-generated password is sent if they enter the link through a browser. Otherwise, the profile shows...