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  1. CE-Matt

    Completed Affiliate System

    We've added a basic version in our 6.6.0 release We plan to continually improve on this system during future upgrades.
  2. CE-Matt

    Click on Package -> Billing, But Get Blank Page Overlay

    Anything in error_log? or the global apache/nginx error log? Also, hit F12, and see if there's anything in the console tab, or if there are any requests in the network tab that are in red. Your best would also be to open a support ticket so we can take a look, if you'd prefer.
  3. CE-Matt

    Net Earth One Module

    Glad it's working!
  4. CE-Matt

    Net Earth One Module

    Your best bet is to enable logging to level 4 ( and see what is logged. You can also open a support ticket with us, and we can take a look for you.
  5. CE-Matt

    There was an error with your request. Please check your log for further details.

    You'll need to enable logging at level 4, per, and then reattempt whatever you were doing to cause the error. Once that is done, check the log file.
  6. CE-Matt

    Error during the installation couldn't use the system's shell binary

    This can be skipped, and just manually added. It's likely that the popen() function is disabled in php.ini, or the user PHP is running as can't access crontab.
  7. CE-Matt

    Order Page change Source From dropdown list

    Hi there, This appears to be a custom field. If it's attached to a product: Settings -> Products -> Custom Fields If it's on step 3, where a client enters their personal information: Settings -> Users -> Custom Fields.
  8. CE-Matt

    Clientexec 6.6.0 Stable Now Available!

    We are pleased to announce Clientexec version 6.6.0 has been released as stable! As a stable release, Clientexec 6.6.0 is now recommended for all new and existing installations. Find out more on our blog!
  9. CE-Matt

    Invalid license for domain

    Please allow me to sincerely apologize for the license outage today. We do take uptime very seriously and have never had such an outage like this in our history. Our team was made aware of the licensing outage this morning and quickly jumped into action to identify and resolve the issue. This...
  10. CE-Matt

    Completed Paytr

    PayTR has been added in our 6.6.0 release.
  11. CE-Matt

    Planned Google Drive and AWS S3 Integration

    We do plan to have support for this, however I don't have an ETA on when this will be added.
  12. CE-Matt

    Password Manager

    We do not store any passwords in plain text. They may be in a format that can be decrypted though (which would required, so it can be sent to the server to provision the account).
  13. CE-Matt

    How to connect CWP to Clientexec

    Hi there, The integration should basically be the same as any other server type. 1) Create a Server in CE, with your API Key. 2) Create the products you want to offer, and on the advanced tab of the products, select the CWP server, and enter the Package Name on Server for the package in CWP...
  14. CE-Matt

    Cron job reports error about ionCube Loaders but upgrade goes ahead just fine saying ionCube loader is installed

    Hi there, This indicates that you have a different configuration for your apache PHP then you do with your CLI. You'll need to update the configuration of your PHP CLI to have the ionCube Loaders enabled. Once this is done, the corntab should start to work.
  15. CE-Matt

    Completed remember me

    This feature is coming in our 6.6.0 release.
  16. CE-Matt

    About releasing Clientexec 6.5 or 7

    6.6.0 is close to a public beta version. Stay tuned for more information!
  17. CE-Matt

    Is There Any SKU system in CE for Managing Bare Metal Servers!

    You can create product custom fields for this: Settings -> Products -> Custom Fields.
  18. CE-Matt

    Add Domain to cart button not showing up

    I haven't seen that happen before. Can you open a support ticket with us and include CE Admin and FTP access so we can take a look at what's going on?
  19. CE-Matt

    Planned FraudRecord for ClientExec

    This is something we have planned for after our 7.0 release. Our 7.0 release is going to include an updated fraud/order system, which then we can hook FraudRecord into
  20. CE-Matt

    Support ticket reply display order

    These forums are community-based. Our staff responds when we have the chance/time to do so. If you need a staff response, please open a support ticket. As for the initial question, in templates/default/views/support/ticketpublic/ticket.phtml, add the following at the top of the file: <?php...