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  1. hadi

    WordPress Integration Or Plugin?

    I always hope CE offer a good API so we can develop a product plugin for WordPress but unfortunately this is not their priority.
  2. hadi

    using a memory cache for clientexec

    Hello Would you please describe if possible to use any memory cache for clientexec ? Is it possible to use something like memcache for clientexec to speed up it ? How we can configure that ? Thanks
  3. hadi

    Software License System

    Hello I think you should make a snapin module for yourself. We did it for ourself for selling a lience; Thanks
  4. hadi

    Automatic Credit Use(Enable/Disable)

    Add funds currently is not available feature in clientexec . But manually in admin area you can add funds ; client and admin could manage this funds and use it on generated invoices.
  5. hadi

    separate AutoSuspend and AutoUnsuspend cronjobs

    Hello Would you please update your opinion about different cron job for Suspend and Unsuspend Servicel I know it's not good to suspend services on 00:00 AM and we can't limit cron job because AutoUnsuspend should work for unsuspend paid services; Thank you
  6. hadi

    Advanced search and VPS/Package ID

    Hi Cientexec doesn't have External VPS/Package ID in the advanced search. Please add this field. Thank you Thanks
  7. hadi

    using custom fields in subject of Welcome Emails

    Hello I have investigated this issue more and found that with button of "Send Welcome Email" everything is okay; Problem happens when we use "Email Client" Button. Thanks
  8. hadi

    using custom fields in subject of Welcome Emails

    I have checked some other TAG like [PACKAGEID] is not working in SUBJECT of Welcome Emails. VPS Information : [PACKAGEID] VPS Information : [CUSTOMPACKAGE_IP] Thank you
  9. hadi

    using custom fields in subject of Welcome Emails

    Hello I am not aware it's a feature or a bug but in Subject of welcome emails we can't use [custompackage_IP] ( Custom fields ) As I have checked some fields like [DOMAINNAME] is working properly. Would you please describe regarding this ? Thanks
  10. hadi

    Without multi currency and prevent some invoices to pay.

    Hello Currently Clientexec doesn't support multi currency; Because of it we need to customize some invoices manually; when invoices generated automatically , clients pay invoices before we customize the invoice price. Is there any suggestion for this senario ? Thank you
  11. hadi

    SMS Notifications

    Hello You can create snapin and listen to events Thank you
  12. hadi

    Add support ticket Event Handler

    Hi Please add "Add Support Ticket" from Admin area to Event Handler; We use this event to send SMS for clients; Thanks
  13. hadi

    SMS Notifications

    Clientexec has event handler ; we have created a small snapin to check events and connected this snapin to our own sms center; I think it's better clientexec extends the list of events; Thanks
  14. hadi

    make void button available for draft invoices

    Hello we generate draft invoices for clients to check . Please make void button available for draft invoices; currently only we can delete draft invoices; Thanks
  15. hadi

    Error during the installation couldn't use the system's shell binary

    This is a cronjob that should run for Clientexec services; You should find something named cronjob in cPanel or other control panel. If you don't use control panel ; in linux you should create this job into crontab file ( use google ) if you don't use this your service like autosuspend doesn't...
  16. hadi

    extending : Include Additional Bundled Products

    Hi I recommend extend this part ( Include Additional Bundled Products ) when define products ; currently only domains and SSLs could bundled It will helps we recommend other products like license and other products to clients. Consider someone order reseller hosting we can use this part to...
  17. hadi

    Add Note or ID for custom fields for distinguish fields with same name

    Please add Note or ID for Custom Fields; Consider we add VM Operating System Custom Field for Solusvm and Vultr and others. All Cloud/VPS services doesn't support same operation systems so we need to have different custom fields with same field name. Now , All names are same and we can't define...
  18. hadi


    It's very important and every day we have request to give limited access to someone in client accounts; But still this feature under review in CE team.
  19. hadi


    I don't think this feature be available soon because 6.6 is close and will publish soon.
  20. hadi

    Completed remember me

    Great work Thank you