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  1. shanehicks

    About releasing Clientexec 6.5 or 7

    You might as well skip the Bootstrap 4 now, 5.3 is the current version. Bootstrap 4 is nearly 10 years old at this point and reached its EOL back in January.
  2. shanehicks

    HTML Signature for Staff responses

    We should have the ability to customize our signatures in the CE portal. It just seems more and more unprofessional to have plain text in responses from support agents nowadays. Especially for those using the ticket system for sales-related usage.
  3. shanehicks

    Integrate GoDaddy domain Registrar

    GoDaddy now has a built-in API for domains, parking, and ordering on the clients account. Surely this would make it for plausible for CE integration?
  4. shanehicks

    Completed Affiliate System

    @CE-Matt, is this still ongoing or has this been moved to "Completed"?
  5. shanehicks

    Password Manager

    Should consider something like Passman. If I'm working with sensitive server access, an encrypted password manager, and can generate OTP with javascript.
  6. shanehicks

    Planned Google Drive and AWS S3 Integration

    When a customer uploads a file to be attached to a ticket, it would be helpful to have a way of storing those in a cloud storage or designated location on the server. We could really benefit from this as Google Drive has built-in virus scanning capabilities which would minimize the risk on our...
  7. shanehicks

    Password Manager

    I have so many clients that need a secure way of sending and sharing passwords with us. I have even been working on my own version of this with little luck. This should be a no-brainer anyways; you have the hosting password saved as plain text in the database anyways which is a huge vulnerability.
  8. shanehicks

    Need to optimize order Form

    They should really look into UX research when new content is added.
  9. shanehicks

    Remove Intercom Chat

    I can see this being necessary for some security purposes. I have clients whose instances require self-hosting of all assets to prevent shared analytics and potential injection of unwanted code if the CDN were to be infected.
  10. shanehicks

    Taxes Round Down Rather than Up

    I cannot speak for other currencies but In USD our change uses a 2-digit amount. I've noticed that when I calculate the tax portion. I manually ran this payment and recorded it from a Stripe Invoice which rounded up taxes to the nearest whole cent ($10.13). Because of this, payments created a...
  11. shanehicks

    ACH Payment Processors

    Continuing to pay gateway providers is really starting to get pretty expensive. 2.9% (vs Stripe's 0.8%, capped at $5 fee) gets pretty high when you start doing larger transactions. I just received access to Stripe's ACH payment method, but it's not compatible with our CE's version of the API. I...
  12. shanehicks

    Social Login

    I completely agree, security and ease of use are huge for my clients. Being able to directly sign in with their Google accounts would simplify a lot of our work. It's already implemented into cPanel so I see no reason this shouldn't be doable.
  13. shanehicks

    Planned Two Factor Authentication for Client's ID

    I feel like the SMS verification would require a direct connection to either a third party SMS API which would increase your operational cost or CE would have to integrate a centralized SMS system and would probably be charged to us a "premium" plugin.
  14. shanehicks

    Wordpress Login

    I don't use WordPress myself but some of my clients would really benefit from this. I would take it a step further and have a function in the API to pass an active session and it's data to other sites on the same server.
  15. shanehicks

    Hourly Billing Option

    I agree, there are times my clients are asking for "On Demand" services and we bill by the hour. A built-in stopwatch system that can integrate into the billing system.
  16. shanehicks

    Integrate GoDaddy domain Registrar

    Many of my clients use GoDaddy for domains prior to starting service with me and being able to make changes to their domain in it's current home from a central CE dashboard would sure make it much easier.
  17. shanehicks

    Upgrade Stripe Checkout to v3

    We need the integration to Stripe Checkout to be upgraded to the latest version for continued payment security. I want to minimize my risk as a business owner within the checkout process and the best way I can see that being is by sending the customer to a Stripe generated checkout page and then...
  18. shanehicks

    6.4.0 Beta 2 Available Now!

    A couple questions: Will the user UI be customizable from within the admin panel? Can a customer autologin to cPanel from within the user panel? With the new re-design, will the site new interface be mobile-first (since that is the way the world is going now)? Will the API documentation be...
  19. shanehicks

    Duplicate Forbidden Subdomains/Words option for Order

    Hi Hadi, This can already be achieved in the settings. Settings > Domains Enter the subdomains you wish to forbid in Forbidden Subdomains. As a rule of thumb, I current forbid access to the following to prevent internal issues with cPanel. www webmail client support billing cpanel whm
  20. shanehicks

    Integrate HubSpot and Salesforce

    I would love to harness the power of HubSpot for both marketing, customer connection and tracking. I have customers in both Clientexec and HubSpot. I have many valuable objects (companies and contacts) that I could highly benefit from the tracking capabilities and lead generation. It would save...