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    Is there still a GoCardless integration? I am sure there was one....
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    Password Manager

    any thoughts on an integrated password manager?
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    Xero & Synergy Wholesale Integrations.

    I’m after xero so would chip in.
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    Pax8 integration

    It would be great if you could integrate with pax8 to allow the sales and management of their cloud services including office365.
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    Price Updater

    Like it. It would be good, if you updated a products price and it asked if you would like to update existing sales.
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    Password Manager

    Please could you consider building a password manager. To allow the admin to create passwords and share with the client, with the ability to group the passwords. Also allow the client to add their own passwords if wanted as well. It would also be great if you could add a secure notes section...
  7. J

    Hexonet integration

    Please can you consider hexonet integration for domains please?
  8. J

    Xero integration

    Hi, Please can you consider xero integration. For clients, invoices and payments please?