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  1. sitepape

    New user sign up confirmation link generated to email address

    Email Verification is must have to avoid spam.
  2. sitepape

    Hourly Billing Option

    Must have feature.
  3. sitepape

    Avoid multiple orders from one domain name

    add a feature to avoid multiple orders using same domain name. This will avoid multiple orders & decrease spam rate also.
  4. sitepape

    Duplicate & Invalid Domains

    Hope it get solved asap.
  5. sitepape

    Multi Server package

    Some of the orders require users to choose from the server location as they prefer. For like within a single order user can choose any location : Singapore, Netherlands, Romania, USA, UK or India Whichever he chooses the hosting account will automatically gets activated.
  6. sitepape

    Duplicate & Invalid Domains

    Some issues are fixed with 6.6.0 but the tld isn't the one. Order image attached. Here (dot).randomtext is an invalid TLD that a user shall not be able to use.
  7. sitepape

    Download feature as an addon

    We provide premium themes for free on most of our plans. I am unable to link themes as an addon on those plans. Kindly make it available both as Addon feature & a standalone feature
  8. sitepape

    How to change Passwd in CE ?

    Can you elaborate your query?
  9. sitepape


    ZesleCp server plugin. Under rated but a good one to add :)
  10. sitepape

    Duplicate & Invalid Domains

    ClientExec has a huge issue of accepting invalid domains. As a hosting provider i don't want spammy orders. While ordering i can type any random domain like : hostgreet.cdnasdak or sitepape.abchdso & it will forward me to the payment page, instead of showing invalid domain error. :/ Also...
  11. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Actually its easy. As all the APIs are publicly available. My team can also build it, but its time consuming. That will cost me some amount. That's why just requested directly to clientexec.
  12. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Notification system to get notified when a user create ticket or place order. Customizable as per required. Telegram Notification Slack Notification SMS Notification
  13. sitepape

    Instamojo payment gateway plugin

    Waiting for this gateway from start
  14. sitepape

    Reason for Cancellation

    Exactly, cancel reason can be kept optional. If admin uses it or keep it blank.
  15. sitepape

    Instamojo payment gateway plugin

    I also need instamojo badly. Hope they add it soon.
  16. sitepape

    Reason for Cancellation

    I am providing a free web hosting services : Where i have to cancel multiple orders daily due to several reasons, but there is no option to add cancellation reason. Kindly add a field for cancellation reason.