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  1. Waqass

    Is There Any SKU system in CE for Managing Bare Metal Servers!

    The custom fields are set group wise and not product wise. I have to fill up the custom fields details each time I assign a dedicated server to client. For instance I want to setup the custom field of Primary IP and its unique to each dedicated server. I created a product Dedi-123 and its...
  2. Waqass

    Is There Any SKU system in CE for Managing Bare Metal Servers!

    We sell dedicated servers which have specific ips and specs as each one is unique. How can this be managed under CE. I don't see any SKU field. The generic product name creates confusion for bare metal servers as they have more information to them and for each client we need to tag a specific...
  3. Waqass

    Customize Colors

    Just identify the css element under your browser's code view. Then simply go to customize html under CE and change the color of that element enclosed under style tags. You can use !important narration of some other css command is overriding it.
  4. Waqass

    CSF IP Unblock by User in CE

    never knew it was always there ...thanks for the updates
  5. Waqass

    CSF IP Unblock by User in CE

    The ip of users get blocked by ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) due to wrong passwords attempt etc. There is plugin in WHCMS for unblocking it by the user himself. Is there any method in CE to accomplish this. Or what the other hosters are managing this .....for now we are managing it by...
  6. Waqass

    Coupon Code in URL

    this issue is still pending with ver 6.4 and creates a lot of confusion for new customer often leading to abandon sales. It's just a matter of few codes to show discounted price on the initial order page instead of final page.
  7. Waqass

    Coupon Code in URL

    One last thing the coupon discount is applied on the final checkout page whereas the product link with couponcode string embedded first takes to the product catalog where actual pricing is reflected and then to the configuration page after which the check out page comes where the actual...
  8. Waqass

    Coupon Code in URL

  9. Waqass

    Coupon Code in URL

    Can we use coupon code in the url of the product link?
  10. Waqass

    Generate Recurring Invoice Manually

    Previously I was able to create invoices shown under recurring tab but clicking on generate next invoice. Now I don't see that option. Is there any way to do it now?
  11. Waqass


    I am using it and its works fine.
  12. Waqass

    Completed Affiliate System

    The blesta is already working with their affiliate system which they will bring under their version. I think this is the least concern of CE for now but are there any future plans for it?
  13. Waqass

    cancellation from client portal has no notification for admins

    Well I have set it to be 5 days so any invoice going on the sixth day the account gets cancelled and I get a summary email of accounts cancelled that day. The client has already been sent invoice reminders so I don't see any logic for admin getting another notification. Anyways some clients get...
  14. Waqass

    Destop Notifications

    We are using tawk chat software integrated in CE header. That's the best possible solution available in order to be notified.
  15. Waqass

    Voiding Invoice after Auto Termination of Package

    The package auto termination process runs file but leaves the invoice unpaid hanging under automation summary on main page. Is there any way to automate the voiding of invoice for the package just terminated by system.
  16. Waqass

    Clientexec 6.1.0 Beta 1 Released

    Great Matt. Keep up the good wok!
  17. Waqass

    Completed Support Virtualizor Plugin

    One more thing, the VPS is created when creating openvz based VPS though with centos not matter what os you select. And it plainly doesn't creates VPS when trying to build it for KVM based throwing error "Please choose a OS for the VPS" .
  18. Waqass

    Completed Support Virtualizor Plugin

    Hey Matt! thanks for the patch. The product is now loading fine though still unable to create the VPS. Throwing error " Please choose a OS for the VPS". I think the VM Operating System Custom Field is not being passed on. I have doubled check and everything is properly configured at my end.
  19. Waqass

    Completed Support Virtualizor Plugin

    I have created the ticket and even enabled logging at level 4. Here is the output of that when I click the virtualizor product (3) 03/19/20 20:26:01 : (home/hostmayo/public_html/members/library/CE/Lib.php:259) - ** VIEW REQUEST ** (direct access) Module: admin - executeservice (4) 03/19/20...
  20. Waqass

    Completed Support Virtualizor Plugin

    Finally managed to get it run. The plugin has created the user and vps under virtualizor as expected. However when I try to view the VPS package details under CE the screen goes inactive and response never comes. I have checked with the server team and both incoming and outgoing ports of...