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    Generate Recurring Invoice Manually

    this IS much better but we need it on the recurring charges screen so that we can also have the option for recurring charges that are not a package.
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    Planned loginless invoice payments

    this would really help a LOT!!! currently i have a PayPal Pay Now button in the footer of my clientexec. it allows clients to enter invoice number and amount and pay without logging in. 90% of my customers that do not autopay use this to pay, and then i have to post those payments manually...
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    Planned Two Factor Authentication for Client's ID

    SMS is hackable, and messages get delayed. It's really not worth the effort and extra cost, being only marginally better, with lots of added friction. 2FA code via email is almost as good but also not really worth the effort. Google Authenticator implementation allows password apps like...
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    venmo payment processor

    any plans to add venmo? many of our clients would love to use it to pay us. i’ve used it outside of clientexec for the few that insist on it.