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  1. hadi

    Limitation for No of tickets each client coud open

    Hello I suggest add a feature with these features. Default configuration : limits number of tickets for all clients Override No tickets : change number of tickets each clients could open. ( for VIP clients ) It will helps to prevent of clients open multiple of tickets to follow up a subject or...
  2. hadi

    API for fetch Plan details

    I think this method is very useful to add in ClientExec Api system Input : Package ID Output : prices for each cycles / Name / Description / Group/ Html Asset / Prices after Coupon Applies / etc We can use this method to show packages on the website and also we are able to develop a plugin for...
  3. hadi

    Enable Regex for FirstName , Last Name, City

    Please enable regex check for FirstName and LastName ; When we use multilanguage in clientexec some clients enter their name , family , city in other language and this cause some services like domain registrar fails. It's better to regex check these fields to avoid entering these fields in...
  4. hadi

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Hello Please add this event too User-StatusChange Thanks
  5. hadi

    AutoSuspen and Unsuspend cronjob

    Hello as you know we should run AutoSuspend/Unsuspend every minutes( or every 5minues ) because if a client pay his invoices ; the service should unsuspend immediatly. But suspend account occurs at 00:01 every day and lots of clients are not available in that time to unsuspend their services...
  6. hadi

    extending : Include Additional Bundled Products

    I highly recommend this feature because It makes order better for example for designer or selling templates or other products; Consider we need to recommend Clientexec license for reseller hosting but currently we can't recommend this to clients; Thanks
  7. hadi

    billing cycle available on Modern Price template

    Hello I recommend a minor change in Modern Template Pricing list. I think it's better to show available billing cycle like crisp. By changing Billing , price shows on the package . Thanks
  8. hadi

    search for SSL certificate with domain name

    Hello , I am currently using 6.7.0 but still search for ssl by domain doesn't have any result; Thank you
  9. hadi

    search for SSL certificate with domain name

    I think it's not a feature it's a bug that domain name is not searchable for SSL. If it's not a bug better to move it to feature request.
  10. hadi

    Ticket Filter in Admin Area

    Hello Please add "AND" , "OR" for Ticket Search Filter in Admin Portal. We need to make a filter with different ticket types and it's not possible with current settings. Ticket Type 1 : Hosting/SharedHosting Ticket Type 2 : Hosting/VPS Ticket Type 3 : Hosting/Dedicated Thanks
  11. hadi

    a few questions

    include this in style.css into the new language
  12. hadi

    a few questions

    Hello You can make change to client area and make it RTL We did it for our self simply. You can also select default language for your client in admin area. Thanks
  13. hadi

    search for SSL certificate with domain name

    Hello Please add search for ssl with domain name ; each ssl certificate registered and active for a domain name but quick search doesn't work for this type of products. Thanks
  14. hadi

    Suggestion - Move Products between Product Groups

    Currently I make this change directly from Database.
  15. hadi

    Invoice transactions with filters and more columns

    Hello Would you please add more filters ( for date ) and columns ( client name or id ) to Invoice Transactions. It will be more useful if this parts added to this item. Thanks
  16. hadi

    Webuzo control panel support for Clientexec

    Hello For my information I have checked website for features. Would you please inform me what's benefit of this panel in compare with cPanel ? Thanks
  17. hadi

    Manual Intervention Required message

    Hello I think this message shoud contains more details like something sends about new order User ID / Package ID We can find client better with this details. Thanks
  18. hadi

    how I log when I develop a plugin

    Thank you for information. Is there any way to find syntax errors ; this is something hard for me if I forgot something like ; or {
  19. hadi

    how I log when I develop a plugin

    CE log is very busy and full of any other information ; it's working like a simple echo and more useful for me.
  20. hadi

    how I log when I develop a plugin

    Hello I know clientexec has an error logging system but while I develop a plugin I use a function for myself to log errors and status in file. I write function here public function logme($info) { $filename = dirname(__FILE__) . '/' . 'log.txt'...