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    a few questions

    Hadi salam alaikum. can you check your link please? or give me how to. because file empty.
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    a few questions

    No idea how is that. have manual or can show steps please? and is this mean all theme will become RTL even if admin users are LTR? Thanks
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    a few questions

    Hala hadi salam alaikum. Please share it. how it can be done. and i will work on it and test it. and upload it to them asap. Thank you so much hadi Salam Alaikum
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    a few questions

    I Download it. Install it and test it. Thank you guys for this. is nice to have switcher. Language switcher is somthing must have. because people like read on own language. and i wish the also add RTL. and Arabic soon. like this most important things is completed because no system nowdays. not...
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    Error during the installation couldn't use the system's shell binary

    Hello And Salam Alaikum all:) i know is late. to reply here! BUT! maybe the answer help someone else: sometimes. you need to edit php.ini in root dir and also in cli dir both php.ini need have zend extension zend_extension = /path/to/ioncube_loader (in root dir! /etc/php.ini or + cli...
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    a few questions

    its important i was about asking the same question:) now clientexec have multi language alread near 6. but no language switcher it must be from profile/setting strange.:)
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    RTL Support

    Please add RTL support, this make it easy for customers to less work by only translate po file and also they avoid any future updates code changes. This not need alot of work. i wish is added soon. for client (not admins) ar file is ready. will send copy to clientexec. Thanks
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    Where to set the rtl at? Thanks in advance