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  1. hadi

    How to create a snapin

    Consider we submit form in view.phtml so we can now$_GET['v']==process in view.phtml function. How can I render a new page, for example, secondpage.phtml ?
  2. hadi

    2 feature in Notification Center

    I think a listener for this part could help us avoiding editing the source code of AutoMailer and listen for an event. I am not sure if it's possible or not.
  3. hadi

    2 feature in Notification Center

    This part is very useful for getting report and also we use this for sending SMS ; Because of it, we don't need to send an email . Thanks
  4. hadi

    2 feature in Notification Center

    Hello Please consider two features in Notification Center. 1) Action: None Because maybe we don't want to send an email or open a support ticket 2) Action: Send Email to Staff ( Edit box to add staff emails ) We need to notify staff of a specific situation. Thanks
  5. hadi

    clientexec on a subdomain and website on the main domain but need to use classes

    Hello Many of your clients are using clientexec on a subdomain and website on the main domain. but for some reasons, we need to use your methods and functions to fetch something from clientexec. Please open a way we can use your classes in our codes when the website and subdomain are in...
  6. hadi

    How to create a snapin

    Hello Could you tell me how can I include a HTML file here ? Thanks
  7. hadi

    Generate Recurring Invoice Manually

    It's really better because we can select for each package the next invoice generates. Thank you
  8. hadi


    For example, you want edit invoice email template
  9. hadi

    clients with multiple groups in admin portal

    Hello Please allow a client to have multiple groups in the admin area. For example, we have a group of VIP for top clients; We want to give access to some of them to have access to another group named : DOMAIN-ACCESS to update their nameserver; In this case, we should move it to another group...
  10. hadi


    Hello Please see in email templates; there is a button there which shows you available tags. Thanks
  11. hadi

    cancellation from client portal has no notification for admins

    We can communicate with clients to find reasons for cancellation; So better to have a notification to communicate with them for match prices or solve their problems.
  12. hadi

    cancellation from client portal has no notification for admins

    Hello Cancellation from client portal doesn't have any notificaton for admins; Please consider this to open tickets or notification. We need to follow up with client before they completely leave us. Thanks
  13. hadi

    [Already Completed] Option for Setting a Custom Package Price per Customer

    Hello Why you do not use override price under billing tab ? Thanks
  14. hadi

    Price Updater

    Hello Please add price importer/updater for all plans in Import Tab. In my scenario, we create a CSV file with specific columns include PlanID, Price, Cycle. It could simply include domain extensions. Thanks
  15. hadi


    Please open a support ticket or use slack community. I never used DA with CE
  16. hadi


    I am interested in but never tested it before; please see this link
  17. hadi

    Add ServerName to Hosting Package List

    Hello Please add server name to this list ; In some cases we need to find and sort which domain and hosting are on specific server and we can't find list without running sql queries; Thanks
  18. hadi

    "Submit Ticket" on top menu in the client portal

    Hello Maybe it's not acceptable for many peoples but I saw many peoples ask us where is "submit a ticket"; I recommend having Optional Setting for having "Submit Ticket" on top menu in the client portal. Thanks
  19. hadi

    response issue in

    Hello There is a responsive problem for links When we open links on mobile or devices with a smaller size, the left menu is invisible. Better to handle this by adding a drop-down at the top or the Menu button to respond to the problem. I found a good example for...
  20. hadi

    [Added in 6.1.0] Mass payment

    Hello Thanks to Clientexec team for adding this feature in 6.1