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  1. hadi

    SMS notification with Evenet Handler

    We check event log to see if new client added / new package added / new ticket added , updated / password changed
  2. hadi

    Order New Service Menu item when clients didn't signup

    Please add Order Button Menu in Client Portal; Currently when new clients redirect to signup page they don't know where is order button ; I know order button is under main page ( Home ) but many of new clients looking for this ; I figured this suggestion in below image; Thanks
  3. hadi

    Are the add-ons upgraded separate

    Upgrades are inside clientexec ; also you can install new clientexec version with your previous database and it will upgrade database ; Thanks
  4. hadi

    I have to say clientexec works great on Windows too.

    Good ; I never heard it before;
  5. hadi

    Mobile Verification Custom Page - Client Portal

    Hello would you please learn us how we can have a custom page for client portal for mobile verification after signup ? Thanks
  6. hadi

    AutoSuspend OFF/ON when define a package

    Hello I am sure we will give some our top grade clients packages which shouldn't auto-suspend; It's better to have an option in define a package which override "Auto Suspend" So this packages will not "auto suspend" if this service runs; Thanks
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  8. hadi

    Automated handling of overdue tickets

    Hello We can have a feature for escalate or assign ticket to someone else if not response for a time interval; Thanks
  9. hadi

    Generate Password for Password Fields

    Hello Please add this option to Password Fields; Generate Password Thanks
  10. hadi

    Authentication Mode for Clients

    Hello We have some clients with multiple company ; They need to get access to their accounts with same email address ; Is it possible to have this option in CE with two type of Authentication ( Email Address / Username ) Thank you
  11. hadi

    Next Recurring Invoice for specific package

    Hello Currently you have a button in each client which generate Next Recurring Invoice for all packages of a client; Please give us a way to make next recurring invoice for specific package not all packages; Thanks
  12. hadi

    Change Font and Language to Persian

    Hi If you are interested to use ClientExec in Persian Language I have made these changes before ; Let me know I will give you latest translate file and good font for your client portal; Thanks
  13. hadi


    Clients every day ask us why we can't give access to our technical or designer with lower permission ;
  14. hadi

    cPanel Price Increases

    Could you tell us about hosting controller ?
  15. hadi

    cPanel Price Increases

    Yes sure many peoples are migration to another panel
  16. hadi

    Add "Back to Website" link in Client Portal Menu

    If you are using ClientExec , after clicking on a order link or website your client will redirect to Billing Software; In some cases your clients want to review or back to website to check something ; I just wanted to share with you how I placed a link to my client portal for "Back to Website"...
  17. hadi

    Subject in Article Window not support RTL

    Hello Unfortunately Edit Suject in Article Window not support RTL ; Would you please take a look ? Thanks
  18. hadi

    SMS notification with Evenet Handler

    Hello - new client -new package and status - new tickets and update - changed password Thanks
  19. hadi

    Move Package Between Package Groups

    Hello If possible consider this option in your maps; Sometimes we need to move some old packages from a Package Group and move them to another group ; Currently it's possible through changing database directly; Thanks
  20. hadi

    Install clientexec on nginx server

    Hi, Would you please share with us which php modules needed to install clientexec on nginx server ; Did you compare page load speed on apache and nginx for your software ? Thank you