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    Instamojo payment gateway plugin

    Hi there, As Matt mentioned, we do care though we also have many, many feature requests in our backlog which are also based on user feedback via this forum & other channels, our journey to 7.0, and more. With us being a small team, it isn't realistic that we'll be able to implement every...
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    Continue Shopping button Color

    Hi Hadi, You could change the colour by adding custom CSS within the admin area (Settings -> Company -> Customise HTML). In the Header box, add the CSS below changing the colour codes to your desired colours. <style> .cm-box-holder .customer-details .btn-light { background-color...
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    About releasing Clientexec 6.5 or 7

    Hi there, Great question! We released version 6.4 in September which represents the first part of our journey to version 7. Since then, we have experienced some delays in releasing the affiliate system (slotted for 6.5) which can be attributed to a number of things such as our hiring &...
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    Marketplace for ClientExec

    Hi there! Thank you for your suggestion! This is something we have been discussing internally and we do have plans to introduce in the future. While we have made some initial plans for a marketplace launch, we likely wouldn't see it until later in the year as the dev efforts are fully tied to...
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    Clientexec 6.3.0 Beta 1 Out Now

    Clientexec 6.3.0 Beta 1 is now available and can be download here. As a beta version we do not recommend running this on a production environment and is intended for testing purposes only. 6.3 introduces several highly requested features including but not limited to Package Upgrades/Downgrades...