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    Message or page shown when a ticket is submitted from a marked spam email?

    Was wondering what message or page is displayed when someone tries to use an email that has been marked as spam in the ticket system?
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    Payment Link in Email

    Thanks. Updated the Invoice template.
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    Payment Link in Email

    When the system sends out an invoice, maybe include the direct URL to the invoice for payment like the other 5 letter word does?
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    Direct link to FAQ in KB

    A direct link to the FAQ tab like what can be done for Announcements would be nice.
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    IONOS Support

    IONOS support would be a nice feature. :)
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    PHP 8.2.x support?

    Just built the new PHP 8.2.13 with ionCube 13.0.2, and it's working with 6.7.1. Maybe it was a hiccup with 8.2.11 & 6.7.0
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    PHP 8.2.x support?

    I'm running 6.7.1, I'll open a support ticket if you want to check it out.
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    PHP 8.2.x support?

    ionCube 13.0.2 support PHP 8.2.x, tried it and Clientexec gave a 500 Server Error, went back to PHP 8.1.x and all is fine. Just curious if there is PPH 8.2 support coming, or if it will wait for ionCube to support PHP 8.3, and skip 8.2?
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    Suggestion - Move Products between Product Groups

    Do being able to do it in the GUI is allot easier. Just a little feature that would be nice to have again.
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    Completed ProxMox Integration

    +1 ProxMox would be great.
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    Suggestion - Move Products between Product Groups

    WHMCS has the option to move Products between different Product Groups. This would be a nice feature in Clientexec.
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    HestiaCP Support

    There is an open source HestiaCP WHMCS module at Could this be adapted, to add Hestia support to Clientexec? Thanks
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    ISPConfig Web Panel Support

    Is there any news on support for the ISPConfig Control Panel? I'm sure a lot here are aware of redhat's news. Some are looking as a backup if we have to switch away.
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    iRedMail Support

    Would like to see a module for iRedMail
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    DATE format: YYYY-MM-DD

    We would like this option as well.