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  1. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Some of the hooks are not working. Working hooks as per latest update: Array ( [0] => UserPackage-StatusChange [2] => UserPackage-Delete [4] => Invoice-Sent [7] => UserPackage-RequestCancel [9] => UserPackage-UnRequestCancel ) Non Working Hooks: Invoice-Pending...
  2. sitepape

    Clientexec & Zapier Integration

    Kindly look into this on priority.
  3. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Currently making its licensing system, will work on hooks after that.
  4. sitepape

    Suggestion - Move Products between Product Groups

    Hopefully we see this in next updates.
  5. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    thanks clientexec for dev license <3.
  6. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Working on new hooks as updated on 6.7.0 Probably release by next week.
  7. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Waiting for new hooks that will be available in the clientexec update. So, will provide that once we get the updates.
  8. sitepape

    Telegram Notification Addon @ 9$ only

    Hello Members, I have developed a Telegram Notification Snapin for ClientExec. Which gives notifications on all the major things like: Ticket, Invoice & orders. Features: Notifications on: Ticket Creation New Invoices New Orders Invoice Payments Ticket Reply Instant Notification Regular...
  9. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Telegram Notifications Launched You can order here:
  10. sitepape

    Mobile app

    Mobile app to solve tickets, orders process, generating invoices. Basically an app to make our life easy. That can solve only simpler tasks which doesn't need system. Most of the tickets an hosting provider receives can solved without opening the system.
  11. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Thinking between 10-15$ with regular updates & Installation support
  12. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Using it currently on my ClientExec. Notifications working great. Giving Instant Notifications. New hooks will be available on ClientExec 7.0 so will add more notification options at that time. Just thinking what price to put on it. Any suggestions. Ain't gonna charge high, but need to...
  13. sitepape

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Working on Telegram Notification Plugin hope to complete it in 2-3 days.
  14. sitepape

    New user sign up confirmation link generated to email address

    Email Verification is must have to avoid spam.
  15. sitepape

    Hourly Billing Option

    Must have feature.
  16. sitepape

    Avoid multiple orders from one domain name

    add a feature to avoid multiple orders using same domain name. This will avoid multiple orders & decrease spam rate also.
  17. sitepape

    Duplicate & Invalid Domains

    Hope it get solved asap.
  18. sitepape

    Multi Server package

    Some of the orders require users to choose from the server location as they prefer. For like within a single order user can choose any location : Singapore, Netherlands, Romania, USA, UK or India Whichever he chooses the hosting account will automatically gets activated.
  19. sitepape

    Duplicate & Invalid Domains

    Some issues are fixed with 6.6.0 but the tld isn't the one. Order image attached. Here (dot).randomtext is an invalid TLD that a user shall not be able to use.