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  1. mdspidle

    Customize Colors

    I would at the very least like to change the color scheme of the new client area in 6.4.1. is there an easy way to do this. I have copied the default folder and changes some items in the css file but the client area does not reflect the color changes. Thanks
  2. mdspidle

    Multi Brand

    It would be nice to use CE for multiple hosting brands. Like if you are in a certain customer group you would see a selected theme and use a selected invoice template etc. Thanks Mark
  3. mdspidle

    cPanel Price Increases

    Is the new pricing structure announced by cPanel going to affect your hosting business?
  4. mdspidle

    Planned Sub-Account

    This would be a nice feature.
  5. mdspidle

    Forums Re-Opened

    Good to see the forums return, too bad about the old forum there was still some useful stuff there, though outdated now.