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    Clientexec & Zapier Integration

    It Would be great to automate and integrate CE with Zapier. Some common task to automate would be: User creation invoice creation support ticket generation Knowledgeable article entry

    Wordpress Login

    I would be Great to have a User login to my wordpress site and have that user also be logged into CE at the same time. This way a user can move between the website and CE and only need to login once.

    Planned Attach multiple files when Open Support ticket in Admin Portal

    I Fully support this Request! we need to have this feature

    Calendar or to-do list

    I have been able to link my Trello project management with the CE Support piping Via emails. this has been tremendously helpful. AKA New Support Tickets > Copied to Trello task tracking > My team and myself is notified

    Calendar or to-do list

    Hey DrMichael, This is a pretty good Idea. I can see some value this would bring to my operations. How are you currently managing your workload and day to day CE related task? Currently for me we use the EMAIL as a big part of task tracking.

    Clientexex Plugin for WordPress

    hey Zennmarc, I have been Requesting this capability for years. But its good to brainstorm and dream.. What are some things you would like the WP/CE link to do for you?

    Custom Fields Email Notifications

    It would be great to trigger Email notifications or open support tickets when a customer updates custom fields on their profile or on products they have purchased. This would be good if when creating the custom field I can check a box that says "trigger notification". Example #1 - Customer...

    Destop Notifications

    hey guys Tawk seems to be a live chat software. can it notify me of Updates to CE support Tickets?

    Destop Notifications

    It would be a great to have Desktop notifications with Client exec. If I am not in the Tab for CE and working in another window I can still be notified of important updates from CE. some important updates that would be great for desktop notifications would be : Support ticket updates Invoice...

    Customer Notes Permissions & Enhancements

    It would be great to edit customer notes in HTML and not playing text. This way we will be able to add more Dynamic content within the customer note fields. Also it would be great to have some type of permissions feature to determine who will have access to a particular customer note. For...

    Multi Brand

    I endorse this message.....