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  1. hadi

    Add CC/BCC custom fields for Admin Invoices Tab

    Hello Please add CC/BCC for admin Area Invoice part; We have some clients ask us to send this invoice(Only this) to another email address because needs they informed or take action on this; Thanks
  2. hadi

    Email History - Admin

    Email history and Change Password are good and useful feature in recent version. I am waiting for Add Fund and Add Sub-Client; Thank you
  3. hadi

    html place holder for fields in ClientPortal

    Please add html place holder for fields in ClientPortal if possible ; We can use this to show clients they should enter their full details in English ; Currently foreign clients uses their language for register themselves so automatic order processor failed ; For example when a client...
  4. hadi

    Style Customization

    Something we do here ; 1) we have copied client portal template to new one for ourself 2) we customized this and copy this to any new version we install 3) If any change happened to template Matt update us on changelog and we make change on our template; Thank you
  5. hadi

    Email History - Admin

    I have taken backup from database and my own cutom plugins when I decided to switch to v6 After that I installed new version without any update script online; for me working without any problem.
  6. hadi

    Email History - Admin

    Are you using previous template ; it's availabe in new client portal template
  7. hadi

    Edit in Order Summary in Client Portal

    Hello In some cases clients has misspelled domains or select product incorrectly and maybe their forgot to select a Product Addons ; I think better to let them edit their order and proceed ; Please add "Edit" as figured in below image in client portal page; We should prevent clients from close...
  8. hadi

    Domain Prices import

    Hello It could be part of Import/Export with comma separated; for example ext,register,renew,transfer,duration com,10,11,9,12 Thanks
  9. hadi

    Version 5.10.0 Released!

    Thank you for update. I think you are covering many features.
  10. hadi

    add ticket details on top of ticket page in client portal

    Hello Please add details of ticket contains department and others to top of ticket on client portal Some clients wanted to follow up their tickets by phone but they don't aware in which department should followup their tickets something like this I speak about this page on client portal top...
  11. hadi

    quoted link for client portal

    Hi Some tickets clients sends are too long and we should read every post for understanding it; I think adding quoted under each post helps clients to mentioned to their post; In my scenario every each post contains a "quoted link" which copy this post to "Post Editor" Thank you
  12. hadi

    Label for client services under Client Portal

    Hello Many clients need to label(reference) their services under client portal for them self; Please add this feature front of each services which lets clients to their own label for each services; I saw this feature in many client portals; examples: Thanks
  13. hadi

    Default dns for domain registration under client portal

    Hello Please add this feature to client portal Setting ; Use our DNS when register new domain Use your default dns when register new domain Thanks
  14. hadi

    Add Support Ticket / Show Package

    Hello When we update tickets or a ticket opens by a client we could select package but when we add support ticket we don't have these option; ( Below Image ) Because of this leakage we can't use canned responses with Package Custom Fields; Please add this part to add support ticket . Thanks
  15. hadi

    Product Feed on website

    Personally we have created a WordPress plugin but because of leakage in api we directly fetch data from Database; I like to publish this for other CE clients; Thank you
  16. hadi

    Better Speed for Clientexec

    Hi Would you please recommend us best server or vps configuration for using clientexec; We need better speed for loading pages inside admin portal; Thanks
  17. hadi

    Add CC/BCC/attachment for Send Email

    Hello Please add CC/BCC/attachment for Send Email ; This part is more useful after you added "email history" to client portal; but better to have this important feature in this section; Thank you
  18. hadi

    Client Portal / Inbox

    Hi This feature added in 5.10 Thank you