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    Consider adding support for SVG logo files + 2 more things.

    Please consider adding support for SVG files for the customer area logo. Small PNG logos generally look blurry. Also please consider: - Ability to upload logo from the admin UI, instead of pointing it to an external URL. This would be saved into the internal file structure. - Ability to upload...
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    Allow translation of more items

    Please add to this request, multi localization of: - Product statuses - Ticket statuses - Invoice statuses
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    Allow translation of more items

    Hi I was checking a trial of CE and I saw there are a couple of things that cannot be translated: - Payment Gateway Name: It would be nice to have different names for different languages, example: Credit Card/Tarjeta de Crédito - Support Department name: For example, Billing/Facturación. Would...
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    Translate product names and support departments

    Hi. Is it possible to translate package product names and support department names? I see there's a way to translate UI elements but I couldn't find any information about translating this user created data. For example if you create a support department called "Billing", it would be nice to...