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  1. srsakib

    Issue with DomainNameAPI plugin

    Hi, I manually implemented their API into my site. I found the same issue before. I thought the problem was related to my system. But, after using the addons with Clientexec, I found the same issue. Maybe the issue is related to their API. Can you please check the issue from your side? Please...
  2. srsakib

    Issue with DomainNameAPI plugin

    Hi, When I searched a domain that was already purchased showing available after searching for availability under the DomainNameAPI setup. Kindly check the issue and please try to fix it. Thanks.
  3. srsakib

    Planned Linode Addons

    Thank you. Appreciate your hard work.
  4. srsakib

    Planned Linode Addons

    I have a partnership program with Linode. They are not the white label. But, they have the API to integrate their system on the portal to make it a white label. I found some billing systems are already integrated Linode's API into their system. If it's possible to add then it'll be better for...
  5. srsakib

    Planned Enable currency exchange rate even if it's a custom rate

    Badly need this feature. Multi-currency conversion system helps a lot to manage the package pricing for different countries.
  6. srsakib

    Add Fund

    This one will be helpful if it will be added.