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  1. CE-Matt

    Read Before Posting

    Please only post 1 feature request per thread. This allows the thread to focus solely on the requested feature and allows us to gauge community interest in the feature, allowing us to prioritize the request. Please make sure you use the search feature to ensure that your request doesn't...
  2. CE-Matt

    Clientexec 6.1.1 Released

    We have just released Clientexec 6.1.1, which includes one minor security fix. More information can be found on our blog.
  3. CE-Matt

    Clientexec 6.1.0 Beta 1 Released

    We are pleased to announce the release of Clientexec 6.1.0 Beta 1, which can be downloaded here. As this is a Beta version, this is meant for testing only, and not to be run in production, but should be stable to do so. For more information, please see the blog post here.
  4. CE-Matt

    Version 5.10.0 Released!

    We are pleased to announce that version 5.10.0 is now publically available. More information can be found at
  5. CE-Matt

    Forums Re-Opened

    After many suggestions from the community, we have decided to bring the community forums back! However, after reviewing the current state of the old forums, we felt it would be best to start over from scratch. Please note that these are community forums, and for any official help, or support...