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  1. wkhaksar

    Style Customization

    Hi, I wanted to customize the css and styling of the CE at my own, but I am afraid it will be lost in next upgrade. So what is the right way to customize the look and styling of the CE? How should we bring changes to the css file? We need a proper way of customization which shouldn't be affected...
  2. wkhaksar

    Support for ccTLD Domain Names

    Hi, If you can see there are a lot of ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domains) governed by CoCCA Registry. For WHMCS they have a module which can handle everything needed for domain names. Under CoCCA there are more than 90 countries & top level domains. So, I am requesting if CE can develop a...
  3. wkhaksar

    [Completed for 6.1.0] Email History - Admin

    I noticed that in version 5.10 you were succeeded to log the emails sent to clients and they will be able to see it on client portal. I am also requesting to add the same log/history to the admin as well, so they can see where the client gets the email or not? or which emails has been sent to...