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    Domain Registrar renew domain after domain expired

    There is a setting called Auto-Renew Offset It is located in Settings > Products > Domains Set the Auto-Renew Offset setting to All
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    Being Investigated WYSIWYG editor remove <div> tag after it saves;

    An alternative solution to this is to use <span> instead of <div>
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    Discount Coupon for invoice

    This is something we really want to add, but it is not on the plans yet. Meanwhile, you can add a discount o an invoice by directly adding an invoice entry with a negative amount.
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    Exclude packages from autosuspend

    That is already available from the client package. Go to the client profile, then Packages, click on the respective package, and on General tab, go to Override Auto Suspend, and set it to Yes. Press the Update Package button and you are done.