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  1. srsakib

    [Feature Request] Adding Placeholder in the Host Record Fields

    Hello, Sometimes, customers get confused how to use DNS Manager through Host Record feature. There is no inbuilt guideline about using of it. The solution is simple! Adding Placeholder can help the customer where they put the domain string & where the IP or other type of records. So...
  2. srsakib

    Telegram Notification Addon @ 9$ only

    Hello! Any update?
  3. srsakib

    social logins

    This feature should be introduced after v7.0. Everything is going to password less. There is another thread on this feature request. Hope, the dev. team will consider this feature.
  4. srsakib

    Currency conversion - Domains

    Currently, the auto conversion of currency rate is not being supported. Hope, the dev. will develop a plugin for it.
  5. srsakib

    Upgrade/Downgrade to different product groups

    Recommended to apply this feature.
  6. srsakib

    Webuzo control panel support for Clientexec

    It's completed. If you'll need the module, then let me know. Or you may contact the Webuzo support directly.
  7. srsakib

    Telegram Notification Addon @ 9$ only

    It's very helpful module. But, no update for a while!
  8. srsakib

    Default Nameserver Functionality for Domain Name

    Hello, Currently, if any client changes the default Nameservers for a domain, then it's hard to go back to the default Nameservers for him. So, this problem can be resolved by adding the functionality to choose "Default Nameservers" & "Customer Nameservers". If a client will choose the Default...
  9. srsakib

    Planned Establishing a commission structure for affiliates based on packages

    Hello, Thanks for launching the affiliation feature. Currently, the commission system for affiliates is fixed for all packages. It will be more flexible for us if we set the commission package-wise. Please consider this feature to make Clientexec unique from others. Thank you.
  10. srsakib

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Any expected date for the new version?
  11. srsakib

    Completed Linode Addons

    Thank you so much.
  12. srsakib

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Waiting for Slack Notification.
  13. srsakib

    Completed Linode Addons

    How to set up Linode? Please share an installation guide for it. The setup page is confusing.
  14. srsakib

    Completed Linode Addons

    Thank you so much.
  15. srsakib

    search for SSL certificate with domain name

    This thread should be on the Feature request sub-forum.
  16. srsakib

    Webuzo control panel support for Clientexec

    The price of the Webuzo license is lower than the cPanel license. Currently, Webuzo has an easy interface that any new customer can understand without having much knowledge, like the old cPanel interface. Hence, a new interface is coming soon for Webuzo. Also, some missing features are coming...
  17. srsakib

    Webuzo control panel support for Clientexec

    Webuzo's popularity is rising, and its developers are actively working on incorporating many features commonly found in cPanel. Many providers have switched to Webuzo due to its competitive, cost-effective pricing structure. My request to the developers is to consider developing a Webuzo module.