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  1. hadi

    [Feature Request] Adding Placeholder in the Host Record Fields

    I think for registration form needs place holder too. For example in some cases clients use arabic or persian characters for signup and domain registration fails because of it ;
  2. hadi

    Documents for deveoping Import/Export

    Hello Would you please give some samples and information about Import/Export structure in Thanks
  3. hadi

    Support for Webhooks

    Hello Did you see this link ? Thanks
  4. hadi

    Custom field translation and creating (VAT number, Tax Office)

    Hello CE published a patch for it ; Please visit discord/development group Thanks
  5. hadi

    New Report Plugins installation

    I will solve this issue by coping files in those directories but I think it's not bad consider this and make report plugins like other type of CE plugins in future; Thank you for quick response.
  6. hadi

    New Report Plugins installation

    Hello I found new Report Plugins not working like other Clientexec plugins for installation. In other part of clientexec when we develop new plugins and add into the ce we can see it's available and ready to use ; but for Report Plugins there is limitation and it's not listed in menu and report...
  7. hadi

    Cloudns DNS

    Hello I asked cloudns to for deleveloping plugin but they didn't accept. Also they told me they will support if someone accept to delevop this . Thanks
  8. hadi

    eventlog packageid

    Hello I think it's an issue that event log on admin portal has not full information about suspetion issue. for example below log doesn't show which package has this problem . Please specify packageID in the details. Thanks cPanel API Request (suspendacct) / cURL Error: Failed to connect to...
  9. hadi

    Add servername in Hosting Package List

    Hello when we look into the Hosting Package List we can not each hosting packages placed on which server ; It's better to add this as a filter or new optional column; Thanks
  10. hadi

    better location for announcement

    Hello I have a question from my self ; why we publish announcement; I think when something wrongs or important we publish this announcement ; but I understanded that this announcement has not good position in client area ; I recommend a setting to publish this announcement in client area at he...
  11. hadi

    Upgrade without change Next Due Date

    It could be an option as I have discussess before. But I think many clients like the due date remains unchanged.
  12. hadi

    Default Nameserver Functionality for Domain Name

    Yes this is one of clientexec limitation and better to cover asap.
  13. hadi

    Upgrade without change Next Due Date

    Hello Consider lots of clients, register domains with their hosting packages ; or they remember their first date of ordering and after they upgrade their package ; next due date is changing to new date; Please consider an option that clientexec cacluate only remained date and next due date...
  14. hadi

    add Creation Date for "Hosting Package List"

    Hello Consider we need to see list of packages on creating date ; there is no option. Please add creation date in "Hosting Package List". This helps staff can find which packages created today or between or specific date; Thanks
  15. hadi

    Add "Internal Ticket" and "Custom To Email" in Notification

    Hello Notification Section in clientexec has many possibilites to monitor clients ; but sending lots of emails or tickets is not good. I recommend tow new fields + adding "Internal Ticket" to Action list in Notification Center. Suitable for creating internal tickets + adding "Custom To Email: "...
  16. hadi

    renew automatically after expire date for X days

    Hello If possible please add a feature to renew domains for period of time when renew some days after expire date by clients. I think it takes a lot of time from staff to renew domains manually with below message : Warning: Did not autorenew since registration has already expired. Please...
  17. hadi

    Limitation for No of tickets each client coud open

    Hello I suggest add a feature with these features. Default configuration : limits number of tickets for all clients Override No tickets : change number of tickets each clients could open. ( for VIP clients ) It will helps to prevent of clients open multiple of tickets to follow up a subject or...
  18. hadi

    API for fetch Plan details

    I think this method is very useful to add in ClientExec Api system Input : Package ID Output : prices for each cycles / Name / Description / Group/ Html Asset / Prices after Coupon Applies / etc We can use this method to show packages on the website and also we are able to develop a plugin for...
  19. hadi

    Enable Regex for FirstName , Last Name, City

    Please enable regex check for FirstName and LastName ; When we use multilanguage in clientexec some clients enter their name , family , city in other language and this cause some services like domain registrar fails. It's better to regex check these fields to avoid entering these fields in...
  20. hadi

    Slack & Telegram Notifications

    Hello Please add this event too User-StatusChange Thanks