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    Domain Registrar Settings

    Hi, i have one question, how i attach existing domain to my registrar... there is a line coming "There isn't a domain plugin associated to this package." and showing " Type: Host-Managed" while with same settings some domains are attached, Synced may be i am missing something. Any Help is...
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    ERROR: Illegal mix of collations -

    thanks... its resolved ... Support team fixed in no time. Great Support
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    ERROR: Illegal mix of collations -

    Hello all, I have tried Many solutions including re-installation, delete and install but this error is not resolved.. Any help is much Appreciated User Error: QUERY: SELECT * FROM currency WHERE abrv = 'PDÒ' AND enabled = 1 - ERROR: Illegal mix of collations (utf8_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and...
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    Multiple Domain Registrar support for Single tld

    I am using two Domain registrar, lets say .com some times i register with one registrar, sometimes with 2nd registrar. There may support for multiple registrar for single tld, same as in client account for info from specified registrar and for admin to decide from which, (already setup...