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  1. CE-Matt

    Clientexec 6.3.0 Released!

    We are pleased to announce the stable release of Clientexec 6.3, which can be downloaded here. More information on this release can be found on our blog post.
  2. CE-Matt

    Under Consideration Plugin request for registrar

    Once they have their sandbox environment complete, we will consider adding support for Dynadot.
  3. CE-Matt

    Payment procesor depending on currency

    This should be addressed with our multi-currency support in the 7.0 release.
  4. CE-Matt

    Receive an email notifying a ticket

    Make sure you have the notification option set at Settings -> Support -> Departments You would need to edit plugins/services/order/PlugnOrder.php and change the variable $canActivatePackage to just be true, around line 140. We don't have support for multi-currency right now. This is coming in...
  5. CE-Matt

    Receive an email notifying a ticket

    Hi, We would need your question in English to be able to assist you further.
  6. CE-Matt

    Product Activation Issue with GoGetSSL Module

    Have you selected the proper Cert from the Advanced Tab of the Edit Product View? If you have, you'll need to open a support ticket so we can take a closer look.
  7. CE-Matt

    Completed Vultr Module

    This is now available in our beta release of 6.3.0 B1.
  8. CE-Matt

    Completed Plugin request SSL provider

    This is now available in our beta release of 6.3.0 B1
  9. CE-Matt

    Completed Upgrade Package in Action Button

    This is now available in our beta build of 6.3.0 B1
  10. CE-Matt

    How to preview invoice.phtml?

    Nope, as long as you have an active license, we will provide you with a free dev license as needed.
  11. CE-Matt

    How to preview invoice.phtml?

    If you want to open up a support ticket, we can create a development license for you, so you can do any testing there.
  12. CE-Matt

    How to preview invoice.phtml?

    The best way right now is to upload a new version to plugins/invoices (you can copy default over to a new name). Once it's there, you can assign it to a test user in your CE, generate a fake/test invoice, and make your changes as needed.
  13. CE-Matt

    Under Consideration add date to credit balance

    Thining over this some more: Would you only have a use-case for adding credit with a past date, or would you also be adding credit to a future date. If we add a date field, and then you add credit dated 10 days in the future, the client would still have access to that credit today, without a...
  14. CE-Matt

    Feeling confused about upgrading package and it's period

    Hi, You'd have to manually do any package upgrades right now (in 6.2). In 6.3, we're introducing an automated package upgrade system, which will pro-rate invoices, and handle the whole process for you. In the admin interface, you can change the billing cycle under the Billing tab of the...
  15. CE-Matt

    Payment Overdue emails - where is the setting to disable sending it ?

    The setting is in the Invoice Reminder Service, Settings -> Plugins -> Automation Services -> Invoice Reminder -> "Days to trigger reminder".
  16. CE-Matt

    Addons for a package

    Yes, an option for None, but leave the price blank, and that should do it.
  17. CE-Matt

    Addons for a package

    For addons to not show up if they aren't selected:
  18. CE-Matt

    Not A Bug Issue with Suspension of Account option

    Hi, This is the way that Clientexec has worked since 5.x. If you need to trigger a plugin action, you need to click the plugin options dropdown and then manually change the package status. Running the auto-suspend service will automate this and you won't have to worry about that. I will...
  19. CE-Matt


    If you're having issues, your best bet is to open a support ticket with us, with login details (both CE and FTP). You could also enable internal logging to level 4 ( and attempt to suspend or delete a...
  20. CE-Matt

    Is there any features like two factor authentication in Clientexec?

    There isn't right now. Please post this suggestion at and we will look into adding this in a future release.