eWay API integration


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I purchased client exec to test and make sure most of the features we use in WHMCS can be translated or to some extent replaced by compatible options.

The payment option is crucial for our transition, also eWay is pushing clients to change passwords every few months with new passwords "for security reasons", this can be a very big inconvenience even if CE eWay module would go by the user and pass.
as every few months I would have to replace credentials in CE to make sure payments continue to work.

If there is an option for the module to be updated would make it a Priority but until this is not done we might have to consider waiting. and continue CE transition only after this core function is working properly.

eWay is using Rapid 3 API key credentials this way the respective credentials are perpetual! this is the correct way for eWay integration
It seems that eWay has integrations for most of the billing systems Blesta hostbill whmcs

If you guys intend to catch up here I would appreciate knowing. so we can make some decisions