Some Features Request for The Live Chat


The built-in live chat widget is one of the unique features of Clientexec. I know it's on the beta version and you have a plan to improve it. Here are some feature suggestions for this.
  • At present, the chat history cannot be saved. Please add the functionality to keep the chat history or convert it to a ticket if possible.
  • When a client is already logged in to the system & wants to contact through the live chat, he/she needs to submit his/her name or email address. It should be auto-detected.
  • There is a location icon field on the admin panel for the live chat. It shows Location not detected. Showing IP is enough for it.
  • A direct ban button.
  • Currently, the support widget can be added to the main site. There should be an opportunity for the live chat widget too.
Thank you so much for your great support.