Where The Dev?


New Member
Where are the clientexec developers? Many feature requests have not been responded to for a long time and updates also seem to take a very long time. Moreover, version 7 has not been realized properly for several years.
Hi Jwn,

While we appreciate every feature request we get they are just that, feature requests. We typically like to let these sit in order to gauge the community interest in a feature before we commit to scoping them out.

In other words, a feature request does not guarantee inclusion nor are they something we immediately place on our internal roadmap as it really comes down to demand.

As for version 7, our team is working hard to get this version out as quickly as possible. Version 7 was split into multiple smaller releases (6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, and the upcoming v7 itself). All of these new releases included several community feature requests, enhancements, and fixes.