CSF IP Unblock by User in CE


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The ip of users get blocked by ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) due to wrong passwords attempt etc. There is plugin in WHCMS for unblocking it by the user himself. Is there any method in CE to accomplish this. Or what the other hosters are managing this .....for now we are managing it by manually going to WHM to whitelist an ip under CSF.


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1. can it let client to type other ip (ex: reseller uncock his end client's ip )to unlock ?
2. if we use cloudflare with ipv6,but server's ip is ipv4,will your pluin detect the ipv4 well ?



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I agree with goda. it would be optimal if a user could click and have two options, unblock my ip or enter another ip. I happen to host on the same server as my clients, so how useful the first option is without the second? If a client could login via their phone's data service and still input their computer's ip or as goda suggested (a reseller helping their client)...this feature really needs that way to input a different ip.
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