Duplicate & Invalid Domains


ClientExec has a huge issue of accepting invalid domains.
As a hosting provider i don't want spammy orders.

While ordering i can type any random domain like : hostgreet.cdnasdak or sitepape.abchdso
& it will forward me to the payment page, instead of showing invalid domain error. :/

Also, Clients can order using same domain. Kindly make a feature to accept order once per domain.
Can you open a support ticket so we can investigate this, and double-check your configuration?

Also, which version of Clientexec are you using? Our 6.6.0 has the following changelog entry: Ensure domain name field has proper validation when not bundling with a domain product.
Some issues are fixed with 6.6.0 but the tld isn't the one.

Order image attached. Here (dot).randomtext is an invalid TLD that a user shall not be able to use.


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I see what's happening.

Right now we're just validating by regex, not an actual list of TLDs.

I'll see if we can do something better when not bundling with a domain product.