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Introducing Hestia Control Panel Integration with Clientexec

Greetings, Clientexec Community!

We're excited to unveil the latest addition to our offerings - the "HestiaCP Server plugin." This plugin is tailored to optimize your hosting operations in Clientexec. Streamline tasks such as creating, updating, and managing hosting packages effortlessly.

Exclusive Limited-Time Offer!To celebrate the launch of the "HestiaCP Server plugin," we're extending a special limited-time discount. Secure this invaluable plugin for just €20 per year. The best part? Lock in this discounted rate for successive renewals! Enjoy the benefits at a consistent rate year after year.

Plugin Highlights:
  • Seamless integration with Clientexec, enabling creation, updating, deletion, suspension, and unsuspension of customer hosting packages.
  • Seamless integration with Clientexec.
  • User-friendly interface for both clients and support staff.
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  • Boosted client trust and satisfaction.
How to Get Started:
  1. Visit our website and purchase the "HestiaCP Server plugin" at the special discounted rate of €20/year.
  2. Follow the installation guide to seamlessly integrate it with your Clientexec system.
  3. Setup a new server in your Clientexec environment selecting HestiaCP as server plugin.
Renewal Made Easy: Rest easy during renewals - continue paying just €20 per year, avoiding concerns about price increases.

Don't miss this fantastic chance to offer HestiaCP hosting packages while cutting costs. Acquire the "HestiaCP Server plugin" now and enjoy the benefits of streamlined and secure hosting operations.

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Thank you for your continuous support! We look forward to enhancing your Clientexec experience with the added security and convenience of the "HestiaCP Server plugin"!