1. hadi

    API for fetch Plan details

    I think this method is very useful to add in ClientExec Api system Input : Package ID Output : prices for each cycles / Name / Description / Group/ Html Asset / Prices after Coupon Applies / etc We can use this method to show packages on the website and also we are able to develop a plugin for...
  2. 2

    API questions

    The API section of the documentation seems quite limited - is it just a subset? For accounting purposes we are looking for a API that we can query and match up transactions from the payment gateway with the customer & their order. I would like to search the forum but "API" is too short a word!
  3. hadi

    Invoice entry details in API

    Matt for reminder Please add Invoice entry details in API. Thanks
  4. hadi

    Planned API for get details about Products

    Hello I talked before with Matt about this API. This API will be useful for fetching prices on the website and having a plugin for CMS like WordPress for the reminder, I write here again get the price of each product for each cycle before applying the coupon get an active coupon for each...