custom field

  1. everdaniel

    Custom Snapin for 3rd Party Cloud Service Integration

    Hi everyone! I'm working on a developing a custom Snapin to integrate Clientexec with a 3rd Party Cloud Service (something similar to Dropbox or Google Drive). The goal of this Snapin is to create an account (with a plan) on this 3rd Party Cloud Service when a Client/Package is created, on my...
  2. srsakib

    Encrypted & Hidden Feature for Custom Field of Products

    Hello, I found really helpful of using the custom field. It's an excellent decision to encrypt data for the custom fields which we can find in the support section. But, for the Products custom field, it's missing. Also, need a data hide/show feature for the custom field. The data which should...
  3. hadi

    custom field for specific domain extension

    Hello, As you know some domain extensions need some custom fields to fill before registration. These fields are different ; Would you please add Custom fields for specific domain extensions? We do not intend to have these custom fields for group types and specifically for each extension. For...